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Starting over…?

I know that no one, least of all me, wants to hear this, but I think I’ve had an epiphany about my novel and what I want it to be. Right now, Moonshot revolves around a few people living within the already established lunar colonies during the time of the global war on Earth and after. It concentrates on how the people react to the changing situation on the Earth, on the surface of the Moon, and within their own individual colonies.

I just think I should tweak it around a little bit… I’m not going to scrap what I have, but I think writing a story about Nick Sonfend (one of the major characters current) and his life, starting from when he departs from Earth for the Moon following the end of his education and continuing through living in Pacifica up until the beginning of the novel, would make for an interesting story as well. If anything, it will help flesh out Nick as a character in Moonshot in its current form.

Why the change? Well, right now, I’m reading Saturn by Ben Bova. It’s an amazing story detailing the journey of a large (10,000 inhabitants) colony from the Earth-Moon vicinity to orbit around Saturn, both for research purposes and for the radical religious groups that control the Earth’s governments to dispel some of their less desirable citizens, sort of like a futuristic Australia. Saturn, and its sequel Titan, focus on a few of the prominent members of this colony as they travel to Saturn and set up shop around the planet.

Ben Bova has been one of my favorite authors since I first read one of his books (Titan, I believe…) three years ago, plus his style has greatly influenced my current writing greatly. I’ve read many of his books multiple times, but this time I just got a feeling that I should change my own book as well… Maybe it was re-immersing myself in his style and attention to detail?

Anyway, I’ll be writing up some new story soon to see if I should follow this tract. Maybe it will just act as a small distraction until I get back into my first novel? I’ll let you guys know.

Hobby Month Continues…

Well, my last week before working in East Lansing for two weeks is already flying by. Of course, I’m glad it is since I get one step closer to going back to school for good and leaving Mathnasium for good, so I don’t mind that much. Unfortunately, due to the holiday weekend, I didn’t do as much “hobbying” as I wanted to.

For starters, my airbrush will be arriving in two days, if everything is on schedule, so I haven’t worked on my two Valkyries at all (yes, I finished building and undercoating the second one). I built and primed the new infantry models, but that’s it.

I did, however, start painting up my last four Tau Fire Warriors, just to try to clear out my “to paint” box. Right now, the four of them just have a single coat of Codex Grey on the main armor, which isn’t much, but it is a very good start. Next up will be two coats of Fortress Grey on the undersuit, followed by another coat of Codex Grey, picking out some details in black and silver, then a wash and quick highlight. Not that much, plus the models generally look pretty good!

To finish up my Tau army, I have some Pathfinders and two vehicles left, plus whatever I decide I want to buy near the end of summer. My Imperial Guard army has the two Valkyries and the ten troopers to go through, plus the things that I’ll invariably buy near the end of summer.

I also decided to include my novel in Hobby Month, just because it will be one of the only productive things I’ll be able to do at camp. Right now, I have a little over thirty pages to read through and revise before I start typing fresh story. I decided that I would stop (right in the middle of a section, in fact) and revise everything I had before going on. It’s my way of being completely anal about the whole process, a way to double-check that things still make sense, check the timeline, make sure that descriptions stay consistent, plus it will be less work for me once the entire thing is finished! All good ideas, in my opinion…

Summer Breakdown

So, first bit of news: I got the job at MST! This means that for two weeks I will be at Michigan State as a camp counselor taking care of middle school kids. Should be pretty fun, and it will be a much-desired break from my usual life so far. Two weeks away from home? Yes please!

I am still slowly working on Moonshot. I am still revising the chunk of manuscript that I have printed off, mostly because I keep get distracted by other projects or sleeping.

Speaking of other projects, I ordered (and received) Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1 and 2.0. Right now, I’ve watched the miniseries (included in Season 1) and the first eight or so episodes. That means that I still have around fourteen hours of new episodes left. Plus, I may just extend this into a full marathon by watching Seasons 2.5 and 3 (I don’t yet own Seasons 4.0 and 4.5, but will before school starts again).

EDIT: Just ordered both 4.0 and 4.5 today. 4.0 will be here in a few days, while I will need to wait until mid/late July for 4.5 since it hasn’t been released yet.

But lately, I’ve just been trying to enjoy my free time and not worry about things, even though I still do. I’m trying not to even think about the next week, or the next day, unless I have defined plans for something coming up. It’s a lot easier on my mental fortitude to just relax and not think, really. It did get me into trouble at work when I said that one-third of three-fourths was nine-fourths…