If you’re reading this page, chances are that you probably already know a little bit about me, so only part of this should be new. If you stumbled upon this page somehow, then read up! Hopefully you’ll find something interesting or intriguing.

In May, 2011, I graduated from Michigan State University in the Lyman Briggs College with Bachelor of Science degrees in Astrophysics and Physics. I was a member of that program my full four years, and I wouldn’t change that experience one bit. Beginning in the summer of 2011, I will be attending the University of Notre Dame to pursue a PhD in Physics, which will take roughly five years. I will also be working as a Physics TA while at ND, which I am very excited about.

In my spare time, I enjoy programming (I know Python, C/C++, Fortran, and shell-scripting), writing (mostly science fiction), reading (again, mostly science fiction), playing guitar (mostly electric rock and alternative), running (I’ve completed a few half-marathons and countless 5Ks), and spending time with my friends and family. Basically, any time that I am not swimming in homework and studying for exams, I just like relaxing. I have a lot of work ahead of me, both in school and beyond.