Last night, I saw Inception for the second time which gave me a better outlook on the events of the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, watch it as soon as humanely possible, and if you’ve only seen it once, watch it a second time. It’s well worth the money. I’m also going to issue a general “Spoiler Alert,” not because I feel like ruining the movie, but I know that some people (namely, me) don’t like to know anything about the actions or events in a movie before seeing it, at least not past a good trailer. I’m just going to discuss a few of my favorite parts, at least from my own geeky point of view.

First, the weightless fight scenes in the Hotel (Dream Level 2) were amazing! The correlation between the tumbling and turning van and what was happening in the hotel were astounding, more than enough for me to appreciate the time and effort that went into them. During the tumbling van sequence, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character expertly handled himself while fighting the various projections that he encountered, all while the direction of gravity was constantly shifting. Filming that scene must have taken a ton of takes, especially considering that the actors had to consider both their moves and actions as well as the changing gravity (which I assume was marked by some light off-screen). Continuing in the Hotel, when the van had already left the bridge, the zero-g maneuvers just seemed soo cool, especially since you don’t commonly see those inside of commercial buildings.

Second, the second time that Ellen Page’s character goes into the dream state with Leo DiCaprio and starts fusing with things… I loved how this student architect just had a look of amazement and wonder as she manipulated the world around her at her own will, like a kid with a box of LEGOs. When the two of them start walking, and the bridge overpass just springs up for the roadway below, with Page not even breaking stride toward it, that was cool! One of the most interesting parts of that sequence was that, while Page had already started crossing the bridge, it was still creating itself to fit her image of it. This was given away during the close-up of DiCaprio when the various columns and beams appear and combine around him, even with Page halfway across the bridge.

Finally, the closing scene with the spinning top. I know that this is one of, if not the, most discussed portions of the movie, but here’s my take on it. Of course, this is a major spoiler alert if you’re trusting my judgement on rotational stability. After spinning the top, DiCaprio walks away toward his kids, with the top still spinning on the table. It wobbles, re-stabilizes, wobbles again, and then the movie cuts to black. Based on a completely un-scientific counting of the seconds to toppling shown previously in the movie, plus a visual comparison of the stability of the top after it has begun spinning, you can extrapolate that the top almost definitely fell over, planting DiCaprio in reality. Every other spin sequence had the same general instability patterns, while the few times we saw the top spinning within a dream level, it was way more stable, barely deviating from its central axis or the position on the surface it was spinning.

Well, my quick overview of the more geeky scenes in the movie, plus my thoughts on what happens after the movie ends. Again, go out and see it if you haven’t, or see it again if you have.

2 responses to “Inception

  1. I have only watching this movie once, but I would no doubt go see it again. It is one of the best Hollywood blockbusters of the year. However I had a couple problems with it in the things that you loved. The whole dream sequence of Leo and Page that you describe, I couldn’t get it out of my head how much CGI was used. The WHOLE scene is CGI and for that I was quite disappointed. It would be so much better if they were able to truly react to what was going on around them. When everything was blowing up it seemed a bit too contrived.

    • I agree, to some extent. Yes, seeing more personal reactions to the changes would have been nice, but only from Page. DiCaprio knows what’s going on, he’s been there, he controlled the exploding markets, so I do like that his facial expressions were more bland than Page’s. If you watch closely during the first Page/DiCaprio dream, she does react to the explosions, although due to it being displayed in slow-mo it’s hard to notice until it speeds back up and she’s covered with shrapnel.

      Definitely agree with seeing it again. For me, two times isn’t even enough, and I know that I’ll be buying it when it comes out.