MST@MSU | Days 12, 13, and 14

You can tell how hectic the end of camp is for the counselors based on how long it takes the final repot to be posted, or how many of the last days that final report needs to include. In this case, two full academic days and the closing ceremonies and rolled up into one a handful of days after the end of camp. Sounds fine, right? Unfortunately, since it is basically a week later, I barely remember what happened each day, and the little cards that have the daily schedule on them can only help so much (especially since I decided not to date them). So, I’m just going to focus on the main events that took place: Talent Show and Closing Ceremonies.

Talent Show
The 20th Annual Talent Show took place on Friday night. Our RA skit was thrown together earlier that afternoon, since we were so busy with a ton of other events and occurrences at camp that had distracted us. Since the programs had already been printed up, and since we had put down that “Bye Bye Bye” would be part of our performance, we had to throw that in their at some part…

All of the campers acts were really good, with a few nice stand-outs (Chinese Yo-Yo, Oboe, etc.) and a very funny skit making fun of the RAs, with my antics being one of the focal points. The funny part is that everyone poked fun at me sleeping all of the time, which is close to true, but the other RAs slept just as much as (if not more than) me, but who cares? It was funny just watching them laugh at me carrying around a pillow and falling asleep on the ground.

Then came our skit, with the seven of us saying some funny lines, dancing a little to “Bye Bye Bye,” throwing in a few camp inside jokes to get the kids laughing, and showing off exactly what happens when the campers go to bed each night. I think it went pretty well, but then again I was part of it and working on no sleep and a Red Bull, so I could be way off…

Closing Ceremonies
The night before, we worked with all of the student speakers about what they would say about their classes and clinics, so we had another later night (ignoring our pranking antics, of course!), but we did get some pizza out of it. The morning of the ceremonies, I helped make sure that no one left anything in their rooms, that everything was clean, and directed them back over to Broad for the last act of camp.

I barely knew what was going on, from staying up late to being tired from two weeks of camp, so the speeches just flew by before Mazur and I had to get up for the RA speech. We had made a quick list about who we needed to thank, then decided just to switch off between each one for the speech, making things up as we went. We threw a “whoopsies!” and “french roast!” in there as well, and I think we did fine. We actually forgot to thank the instructors, but then again we barely had an idea of what we were saying half the time.

After a few more speeches, camp was over. I called color groups one last time, handed out the packets to all of my greens, posed for a few pictures, and said good-bye to a bunch of the students. It was both more and less sad than last year, as everything was this entire camp, so I won’t even bother trying to compare them.

Once that was over and the last kid had left, we held our staff closing ceremonies in the office, passing out our own awards and grabbing lunch together before splitting to finish moving out of the dorms. Mazur and I moved out at the same time, with him crashing at my place that afternoon before a staff dinner and that night before moving back home. It was good having a mini-celebration after everything was said and done, especially since a larger one will be held in a few weeks time to officially close things out.

But camp is still over, and now with August right around the corner, I’m back to my normal life of strange sleep schedules, buying groceries, and not looking after sixty middle-schoolers twenty-four hours a day.

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    Moran, who did you think would read this blog about MST? And when did you have the time to update the blog during MST? just curious…

    • Whoever was interested in what happened at camp, really. Most of the time I just write for me without thinking about who might want to read it. For my camp posts, it also allows me to remember what actually happened at camp in a broader sense, since it gets pretty hectic during the day. I usually wrote each post at night following our meeting, and each one usually took only half an hour or so, so it wasn’t too big of a time sink (especially when that sleep could be made up on couches later in the day!).