MST@MSU | Day 11

It’s strange to think that camp is almost over, but it is. So much has happened this year that the days seemed to fly by, especially with all the changes from last year. It’s been a great camp, and I know I’ll miss it once we hit closing ceremonies on Saturday.

Today, however, was relatively normal. I woke up to run, although I simply did some crunches and push-ups while the five kids ran. It felt good, since I hadn’t really done anything like that in a while, but I knew that running would’ve been a bad choice. I’ll probably run tomorrow, since I haven’t in a few days, but we’ll see when I wake up tomorrow morning. At breakfast, they had French Roast again, so I was very excited about drinking that all day. My calls of “French Roast!” have become part of camp, so much so that some kids actually ask me to say “french roast” even when no coffee is involved.

I went to Nuclear Astrophysics this morning, and brought my pillow since I planned on sleeping. I grabbed a newspaper on the way in, then spent a good part of the class period trying to solve the Sudoku puzzle in it. I wasn’t even that tired, even, but I guess it was good that I didn’t sleep since the class went out to the parking structure for the second half of the class. I ran into two of my friends while walking with them, which was pretty cool, but otherwise I just watched as they used their cosmic ray detectors for the entire period.

I had the afternoon off again, but I still went to lunch and had some more french roast before taking a two-hour nap. Following the nap, I took Creative Writing and simply listened to some Futureheads songs on YouTube for the entire clinic. Afterward, I rounded up my color group for an early dinner before helping to take thirty-eight of the kids to the MSU Dairy Store for some ice cream. I used by two-scoop voucher to get some Honors Coffee Toffee, which tasted delicious!

Once we got all of the kids back to Shaw, we broke for computer lab and talent show. I went with Priya and Mazur to the computer lab to start, but I just played two games of Abalone with Mazur (and won both) before shuttling some kids back to Shaw and bringing others over. I also got to jump in a quick game of Ultimate behind the dorm, but it fell apart as more kids showed up and the game switched to soccer. Troy and I still tossed around until we had to get the kids inside, though, so that was good.

Following room checks, we held our meeting and set up who the closing ceremony speakers would be, as well as set the classes for tomorrow. We also talked about the memory book that Mel was putting together, and it looks like it will be really cool. Once we had everything in order, we went downstairs to watch Jurassic Park, starting from where we left off the night before, then went to bed.

Another day down, and only two-and-a-half left…

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