MST@MSU | Days 7 and 8

This weekend was quite a long one for camp, so I’ll quickly recap the main events: Camp Highfields and the dance on Saturday, and Field Games on Sunday. I’ll include a few other details, but since I’m a day behind (and waking up in five hours), I’m going fast.

My team for Camp Highfields was pretty good. We had a few strong leaders, some good ideas, and an ability to talk to each other to work a problem. Unfortunately, the team also talked a little too much without reaching a consensus, which slowed us down out there. They were also pretty easily distracted, especially when it came to using parts of nature to help them finish the challenge. We made it through most of the challenges, and only couldn’t complete two of them due to time and our general inability to work together.

Later that night, we had the MST Dance. I had a great time, and was able to convince a few people that seemed like they weren’t enjoying themselves to actually go out there and try, and I think they had a good time. I was just dancing and checking up on the kids and dancing some more and talking, but it was great. The only downside (not a real downside though) was that I was one of the only people not picked to dance during the snowball portion of the slow dance. Mel and I just watched from the front of the room as everyone else danced, but since I was enjoying not dancing at that point, I didn’t mind.

On Sunday, I woke up then slept in the laundry room for two hours before Field Games started. Mel had a list of ten events ready to go, plus all of the necessary supplies for the games. She even got supplies for some warpaint, so I mixed up the green portion then painted a palm print on my face. I went downstairs, gathered the Green Team in the front of Shaw, and painted on their own warpaint. Once we were all set, we walked around the side of Shaw to the back to get ready for the games.

We started off pretty average, but then a dead last finish in Pulse almost beat us. My team was down, and they seemed like they weren’t having fun from losing and doing quite poorly. I tried to lift their spirits, but it wouldn’t be until two second-place finishes in the next two games did they finally start to chipper up. I helped Troy and Darin with the Balloon Launch, followed by me being tied to a tree as Santa wearing a bikini. After the games were done, and the shaving cream fight died down, we corralled them inside to shower and get ready for dinner.

All of the staff was so tired, so we pushed back some of the nightly schedule so that we could finish our meeting sooner and get to bed, but due to some late night shenanigans, I’m still up pretty late and will be feeling it all tomorrow. Here’s to Monday!

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