MST@MSU | Day 6

I had this morning off, so this should be a shorter post than the rest. I skipped running and woke up at 0930 to the sounds of construction right outside my window. The construction started there. I thought about going to bed, but figured that since I was already up (and the noise wasn’t stopping), I should just shower and get ready for the day. So, that’s what I did. Mel and I talked after in the Lobby while we waited for Steph (who also had the morning off) to get up and the morning classes to return.

Lunch was fine, especially with the mounds of food and the mug of coffee I consumed. After, I took the Astronomy kids over to BPS. We would be doing the Walk the Solar System project today due to rescheduling, which I was pretty excited about. We started at the front of BPS (after they drew their planets/dwarf planets) with the Sun. Each student said their facts about their object as we stuck it in the ground, after pacing out the distance from the previous planet. We ran out of campus right around Neptune, so Pluto and Eris had to be described without actually walking out their scale distance. We picked up the planets as we walked back, then did a quick scaling for distances between galaxies right away.

Once that was over, I took Basketball again over to the courts. One kid was feeling a little poorly soon after warm-ups, so he sat out for much of the clinic. They worked on offense and some rebounding, followed by two scrimmages. It was pretty hot out, and without much wind, so most of the students were pretty lethargic. Myself and a few of the other RAs talked about how all of the kids just drank soda all day and weren’t getting enough water, so hopefully they’ve learned for next week.

We got back to Shaw, and Red went to the Dairy Store for winning the scavenger hunt earlier in the week. Soon after, we took them into dinner, where we ate fairly quickly before heading outside to handle the Secret Pal revelation ceremony. It went pretty well, with enough Troy antics to keep everyone (primarily the RAs) entertained. Once that was done, we broke into a few different groups for the movie (which ended up being canceled), the computer lab, and just regular lounge/lobby activities.

Around 2100, we started shipping kids out to the MSU Observatory, with me going with the first wave. Basically Troy and Steph were constantly cycling between the Observatory and Shaw either bringing kids there or taking them back. I got to see a lot of cool stuff while there (three planets, some globular clusters, the Moon, etc.) while the kids did whatever they wanted. It was pretty cool, though I could tell that by the end that things were getting a little dicey, so I was glad when I finally got back with the last group right around midnight.

We got all of the kids in their rooms and with the lights off, then held a quick meeting to talk about Highfields and the dance tomorrow. It should be very interesting…

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