MST@MSU | Day 4

Running and breakfast went smoothly, as per usual. The only problems I’ve had is people being late, but even then it’s usually only a minute max. Nothing really to fret about, unless it keeps happening continuously. Once again, no French Roast, but they did have french vanilla creamer, which was close enough for my wants. I felt normal, so I didn’t need the coffee right away, but I knew I would later.

For my first class, I had the morning off. I walked back to my apartment to grab a few things that I needed, then walked back. I got back around 0905, just after first classes started, so I unpacked all of my things and grabbed my towel to take another shower (and shave). Once I got to the bathroom, I saw that they were locked for cleaning, so I went back to my room to take a nap, setting my alarm first. I woke up, dressed, and made my way to the lobby to wait for the kids to show up from their classes for lunch. Mel also showed me a cool idea that we’re doing next week as part of “RA Appreciation Week,” and I’m really excited for that.

After lunch, I took the kids to Physics so that I could take a few photos and sit in on the lab, just to watch a few kids that might have been trouble. Things went fine, and I just helped out a few groups and walked around the lab, reminding kids of the time and making sure groups weren’t just one kid working and the rest watching.

I took Basketball again today, and jumped in on a few drills and demonstrations to help out. I also watched one of the groups (since the twelve had split into two) to help them with left-handed skills while coach was busy with the other group. He was a good addition to the instruction staff for MST, so hopefully he returns for future years. On the way back to Shaw, I had to confiscate three phones since they weren’t supposed to be out while we were walking back to the dorm. Hopefully they’ll learn for next time.

We went to dinner early due to a Planetarium visit later in the night, but it was still packed and with only one station open. I didn’t eat until late in the dinner time, so I rushed it down and went back out for color groups prior to the planetarium. And boy was it cool! We had an extended show for MST, plus got to see the behind-the-scenes workings of the planetarium after the show. Then, I went to SOAR! Mazur and I walked the Astronomy and Nuclear Astrophysics kids over to BPS, where they watched a quick slideshow before walking down to the SOAR observing room. Thankfully, it wasn’t cloudy in Chile, so we got to see the image that the researcher had queued up to image, which was nice.

We walked the kids back to Shaw, and I sat in the caf helping a few students with their homework while talking with the other RAs and Mel. I didn’t get a chance to play any games, although I did notice that Hive and Abalone (courtesy of Mazur) were big hits. I want to try to get another game of Abalone in this week, but if I don’t I still have another week plus whenever Mazur and I hang out after. I’ll probably try to get some of the other RAs to play, and I’m sure that Troy would like those games too, so we’ll see.


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    Great jobbb!! I am soo proudd off youuu Moran! hahahah