MST@MSU | Day 1

Today was the first official day of camp, and what a busy first day it was! This year, we have sixty students broken up into five color groups, which in my opinion is much more manageable than last year’s 2.5 color groups. I woke up, showered, got dressed, and went up to the office for a little breakfast and pre-move in briefing. Primarily, we talked about where we needed to be, what we needed to do, and I talked about warm-up games following the orientation.

Then, the kids started showing up. At first, I was helping Priya pass out binders, but since we didn’t really need two people doing that, I went back to the floor to help the kids find their rooms, make sure the door was locked, and give a little more information. It was nice, and the same I did last year, but I like it. This time, I borrowed Darin’s speakers to play some music from my room, just to liven it up a little bit. I got two comments about it: one kid wanted me to wake him up with The White Stripes (I had “Seven Nation Army” on the quickly-made playlist), and one of the kids’ sister said I had good taste in music. Sounds like a good start!

After, I went over to Broad for the orientation. We sat through the instructors’ speeches, then quickly introduced ourselves before taking the kids outside for the intro games. We did the camp-wide matching game first, to much better success than last year, then broke into color groups for the rest. Soon after my group finished up the Starburst one, it started raining, so we shuffled them inside to finish up. My group, which is Green by the way, was pretty talkative, albeit with a few kids dominating the conversation and a few others not.

We finished that up, and then started free time for the next two hours. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the big TV in the corner (my corner) to work to put on the World Cup game, so I took a bunch of kids outside so they could make their own world cup game. It went pretty well, with me patrolling the far side to stop the ball from going near the river, which in the heat and humidity got me pretty soaked. The game somewhat fell apart after everyone went in to get water, but I stayed out and played volleyball with two kids before running in to get water myself.

Free time eventually ended, but due to Shaw Cafe being closed, we had to take them to Snyder/Philips. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but a thunderstorm decided to roll through just then. We stalled, then walked through the building trying to buy time, and by the time we got to the doors it had reduced to a light drizzle. We sat and ate in our color groups for the meal, and again everyone seemed to be talking and getting along.

We trucked them back to Shaw, told them to grab their binders, and had a safety and camp rules meeting. We also passed out the secret pals information, then Mazur, Darin, and I took the boys to the computer lounge to get their NetIDs set up. The girls followed soon after, so we had to make sure we shuffled them in and out to make sure everyone got it set up. Color groups again, and we went back to Shaw for free time before bed.

Once everyone was in their rooms and being checked in, we had our meeting. Picked classes for tomorrow, discussed eating schedule (open breakfast, classes lunch, color groups dinner), and talked about the kids and the scavenger hunt. Went pretty well, and not as long as last year’s first meeting, so I was good. Once we were dismissed, I went downstairs and took a shower, brushed my teeth, and prepped for bed.

I’ll be waking up tomorrow for running, which should be fun. Troy said that he’d also be up to run, plus a fair amount of kids expressed an interest. It will probably what will happen last year, with most of that initial group sticking around for the first two days, then it slowly (or quickly) dropping off to four to six kids that still run, plus myself and Troy. Should be interesting…


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