MST@MSU – Three Days Prior

With MST@MSU 2010 starting just three days from now, and the campers moving in in four days, myself and the rest of the staff are already getting excited. Last year at camp, there was almost constant back-and-forth between all members of the staff via text message about some of the strangest things, or random things that happened in the class we were in, or just funny jokes (Ya’ going ta SOAR?).

And that’s already started. In the past two days, I’ve gotten a ton of messages, and am currently in the process of clearing my entire text archive to get ready for camp. Most of it revolved around our color groups for this year. Troy, one of two coordinators, released the color group lists to the RAs yesterday alongside move-in and meeting information for the first day. Just getting that information felt great, even without the color group stats tacked on (following an e-mail from Mazur). Color group leaders are as follows: Darin-Blue, Steph-Red, Mazur-Orange, Priya-Purple, and myself with Green.

I planned on picking up a plain green shirt or two before camp starts (and I probably still will), as I’m sure the rest of the staff will (Mazur’s already picked up multiple orange shirts). I did also set aside the clothes that I’d be bringing to camp as well, and almost all of them are green anyway with a few exceptions (my LHC shirt one of the notables), so if I can’t make it to the store I’ll still be fine.

This will probably be my last post until camp starts up, so here’s to another memorable camp experience!


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