MST@MSU 2010 – Planning

On Wednesday, I had the first meeting before the start of the MST@MSU 2010 summer camp, which I am getting really excited about! This is the same camp I worked last year, but things change every year (aside from kids coming and going) so it will still be a fun experience. One of the best parts is that our entire RA is returning, plus we’re adding a new coordinator to help retain as much of Troy’s sanity as we can.

I woke up after only a few hours of sleep and walked over to Bessey, stopping at QD to pick up a bag of chips (Cooler Ranch Doritos) for the luncheon. No one ended up eating any of those chips, so I got to take the whole bag back home for my personal enjoyment, but that’s not important. I showed up about 10-15 minutes early, mostly because I walked a little faster than I thought to the building, and saw Troy standing in the hallway. We talked a little bit before various camp staff started showing up, including Darin. He and I would be the only RAs there, since Mazur is in a different time zone and Priya is… Priya. While I did miss not seeing the rest of the crew, we’ll be having a pre-MST reunion before the camp begins, then living together for two weeks, so it’s not like I won’t be seeing them for a while.

While most of the meeting was centered on the actual instructors, as it should be, there was a fair amount of detail that was relevant for me. Currently, the camp stands at 53 students (one more than last year), with applications still open until July 1st and a couple prospective applicants waiting. Right now, we’re hoping for sixty students, but for me the difference between 53 and 60 is almost negligible. Speaking of the kids, each RA will have their own color group, unlike last year were we had two-and-a-half color groups (Blue, Green, and the half-sized Red). This means that I’ll be responsible for knowing ten-twelve kids, much better than trying to swallow thirty names on the first day last year. Plus, the greater fragmentation of the students will be better for our various team activities (scavenger hunt, field day, ropes course, etc.), which I’m really looking forward to. A little competition never hurt, and I’m hoping that I get Red or Green for my color, but honestly any color would be fine.
Note: I’m going to guess the five colors will be Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. The first four are probably definites, with Orange possibly switching for Purple or Brown, but my money’s on Orange.

EDIT 7.6.2010 – Color group information: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Purple. I was close… I’m also the leader for Team Green.

Once the meeting was over, I realized exactly how close the camp actually is: in three weeks from this upcoming Saturday, I’ll be moving into Shaw Hall for two weeks. That means I have three weeks to adjust my sleep schedule and mentally prepare myself for running every morning and taking the kids to basketball most likely every day. Of course the camp will be a ton of fun, as it was last year, so I almost wish that it could start sooner, but then again if it did, I’d still wish for it to start early.

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