Back to the Futureheads

On Friday, I went back home for the weekend and arrived back in Beverly Hills around 1800. I was just back home last weekend, but this trip had one purpose: to see The Futureheads in concert. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time, even more so after I ordered the tickets a handful of weeks back. My sister and I drove down to Detroit, arriving at the Majestic around 1945.

The only problem, though, was the timing. When I got the tickets (and when I double-checked right before leaving), the concert was slated to start at 2000. Truth is, this didn’t happen. My sister and I couldn’t even get in the upper room until 2030 or so, with the first warm-up band (The Static Jacks) getting on stage around 2115. They were pretty good, but suffered from a little EQ problem with the lead singer’s mic, making it impossible to hear him over the guitars and drums. Their songs were pretty good, with the third-to-last being on of the best. I cheered them on, especially since there were only about a dozen or so up at the stage (everyone else was way back or sitting down at any of the numerous tables, or hadn’t arrived yet), to show my support.

Next up were The Like, an all-female quartet. I hadn’t heard any of their songs, or even heard of them, until I saw that they were on the bill, and even then I waited until a few days ago to listen to their songs. The ones I was able to fine were really good, so I got excited for them to come on. They played two of the three songs I knew as their first two songs, with the third coming near the end of the set. The microphone’s EQ problem had been fixed, and everything sounded great! The chorus for “Fair Game” was probably my favorite, and may be one of the next little parts I learn on guitar. All of their songs were really catchy, and they had excellent stage presence. Unfortunately, I was about two weeks early to grab their CD, so I’ll need to make sure that I look it up.

Then, the raison d’être: The Futureheads! I was so pumped, and my sister and I kept singing through a bunch of their songs while waiting for them to come on. Since we were right up at the front, we got to take a look at the setlist that the hands had taped down, and it was killer! I think the only way they could’ve had a better set was dropping “Sun Goes Down” in favor for “Area,” but of course they had to make sure a decent amount of their new songs were within their planned set. But still, they played a sweet set! Barry was dripping by the third song, followed by joking about the supplied towels, and my voice was already starting to get raspy.

I didn’t care. I rocked out through the set, singing along and basically not caring about anything else. I was in the perfect place at the perfect time, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The ‘Heads were hilarious on stage, even with a couple missed cues and a broken string in the middle of their set (only The Like failed to break a string mid-song tonight). I also got to raise up my vinyl in triumph when Barry required that everyone there buy shirts and CDs from the three bands. When their set was finished, rampunctuous cheering ensued; I got a “FU-TURE-HEADS!” chant going, completely erasing my voice right before the encore.

They played “Work Is Never Done” (This Is Not The World), “The Connector” (The Chaos), and “Man Ray” (The Futureheads), and it was stellar! Based on the energy they showed in the concert’s final moments, they could’ve played another six songs without too much trouble. Such a good band, and so great live! I’m so gald that I saw their tour schedule when I did, since it is their first US tour in four years, just to put another golden memory on my year.

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