T-Minus Two Months

In less than two months, I will be on summer vacation before starting my final year as an undergraduate, and possibly my last year at Michigan State. This being the first day back from Spring Break, I figured that now was a good time to take a “life inventory” to plan out these next weeks, plus some things that I am looking forward to or should happen within that time frame.

First, it was extremely hard to wake up this morning. Originally, I had planned to wake up around 0800 to schedule my last year as an undergraduate, but after getting an e-mail at 0300 (yes, I was still awake then) stating that my enrollment date wouldn’t be until the beginning of April, I decided to go back to my normal wake-up schedule. When the alarm went off at 1020, I surprising didn’t think about hitting the snooze until after I had shut off the alarm, when it would take much more time that it was worth to re-arm my alarm for ten minutes later to grab some extra sleep. I slowly made my way around my room and apartment getting ready for my four classes, although I’m sure that I’ll be well adjusted to early wake-ups by the end of the week. That first one is just always the hardest.

Classes went by fine, with me taking pretty good notes (except in Quantum due to a sub… I just can’t focus when the normal professor isn’t yielding the yellow chalk) and paying attention. This is a good start to my and my roommate’s plan to simply spend the next two months studying and preparing for finals, exams, and classes in general. I didn’t get off to the best start this semester, so I’ll need to kick my ass to pull off some good grades, but since I’m not going to be greatly distracted by interplanetary travels, I should be fine. I’m getting back into my pre-MDRS habit of finishing homework much earlier than it’s done (I’m half-way through Quantum, which is due on Friday), which is a good first step, especially with my second exam season coming up.

I have officially been accepted as an LBC Physics LA for next year (I only need to turn in the acceptance letter), which is a big relief for me. Yes, I knew that I already had the job, but having it official just makes it feel so much better. What I still don’t know about, however, is my summer plans. I’ve been asked back to work MST @ MSU 2010, which was a great camp last summer, but since I have no idea about my internships, I will probably have to decline since the deadline is coming up. In fact, I won’t be hearing from two of my internships until after the deadline for MST passes, even if I was notified on the first day. In case I get shafted everywhere, I probably will be able to get a job at the NSCL or somewhere else in East Lansing, just so that I don’t have to go back home for the summer again. Plus then I could make cameo appearances at MST…

And right at the end of this two-month window, and a week after finals, is the planned launch of the Atlantis! With some recently-developed problems which may be fixed soon, the Discovery launch, slated for April 5, may slide back to the next launch opportunity, forcing Atlantis back as well. This would put the Atlantis launch in the middle of one of my summer internships (should I be selected) or anything else that happens this summer, decreasing the chance that I’ll be able to go. Based on recent reports, however, the launch schedule should be fine, but I still worry…

And that’s basically it. Exams, homework, classes, and finals are basically all I have coming up. My programming will also take a minor hit, since actual schoolwork comes before the work that I’d like to do with Python, but I’ll have a lot of time to still work on it nonetheless. It will just be a busy and stressful two months.

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