Special Science Report – February 4, 2010

Note: This is my first and only science report submitted to The Mars Society. It took a while to complete the alterations on the radio telescope, and even longer to collect meaningful data due to the approach of Jupiter toward the horizon and the relatively inactive Sun. I did not collect any data today, our last day in sim, so I will not be filing any further science reports.

Ignore the solid line near the middle (caused by a passing plane), and the times don't line up due to cutting the data out of the entire recording session.

Project: Utilizing the Radio JOVE telescope to observe the Sun and Jupiter

Personnel: Mike Moran

Operations Data Collected: Short (s-) bursts recorded at 18:31:21 MST on February 3 lasting 4.3 seconds. Periodic lower count s-bursts were observed over the following 38 seconds, including a second maxima from 18:31:39 until 18:31:42. Data was recorded and filtered using Audacity and compared to available recordings of Jovian s-bursts.

Audacity and Radio JOVE receiver recorded signals between 18:22 and 18:56, during the fourth observing session of the day.

Technical/Equipment Issues: None. Guy lines on radio telescope re-tightened, but prior to did not affect observations.

Discussion: Signals recorded, saved, and timestamped for future analysis, specifically increasing and refining the noise reduction already used. Extraneous hum (due to airplane transit) to be removed to purify the recording.

Questions for CSO: None.

Questions for RSL: None.

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