You Got Schooled!

I figured six class days in to a new semester is right about the perfect time to discuss what my classes are like, especially since I’ve been to each three times. I’ll order these based on when I have them, since that’s probably the best… I could go based on what my final grades end up being, but I’m still not exactly sure how much my MDRS absence will affect everything, plus I’m getting all 4-points this semester anyway, right?

MTH 320 – Analysis I
This is one of my last math courses, and the last that has been pre-determined for me. After this, I just need to take three more Math courses, and only one of them has to be 400-level (but the others must be at least 300-level). So, I’m pretty give-and-take on this one, especially since none of those three courses will be Analysis II. The book and what we will be covering don’t seem that bad, especially since I’ve handled induction for the past two semesters as well as had an “intro to analysis” in Bell’s Calculus I back in first semester of my freshman year, so I think I’ll be fine. The professor is OK, but at some times seems a little too excited, and I feel like he’s trying to be a little too easy-going with us. We’ll see…

PHY 472 – Quantum Mechanics II
This should be great! I’m starting off on a good foot with both the reading and the homework, plus I feel like I already have a good solid foundation from last semester that was eroded over a long break (like Classical II was last semester), so things should be pretty well. Same professor, same room, same book, same time, and should be the same or higher grade.

This may or may not be my semester...

PHY 440 – Electronics
To be honest, this class may be the one this semester that I am most excited for, which, if you asked me before classes started, I would not have said. The professor is great, even if having a little sloppy handwriting, the material doesn’t seem that had, plus the lab should go smoothly (and with no outside work!). Plus, I get to make little drawings in my notebook, and those are actually the notes! Woo!

PHY 410 – Thermal and Statistical Physics
Ok, so here’s the kicker. This runs from 1610-1700 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as my last of four classes on those days, we’re in a huge lecture hall with not that many students, and we do a bunch of factorials… This class should be really easy, and the first homework set was a breeze except for one part where we had to raise two to the 10^23 power, which you can’t really do… Anyway, a chill end to the day, plus I only have to take it once.

LB 334 – Health Care Policy and Reform
This is my last Briggs course ever. While the topic area is just so-so, the professor seems to be moving pretty slowly right now while we get our bearings, and based on the syllabus doesn’t really seem to pick up at any point. Yes, there is a lot of homework for this course, and yes I may be stuck with a 3.5 right off the bat due to MDRS and his inflexible stance on grades (and a non-standard grading scale), but this should really be enlightening and interesting to learn. I’ve been a minor contributor to most discussions, but that’s mostly because I’m not paraphrasing whole sections of the book for my responses like one kid or have really strong views and opinions like another. I’d like to think of myself as the one that doesn’t have a career ending in the medical field, so I provide a sane and rational stance to most things. Plus, one of my books for the class has Half-Blood Princed, so that helps…

LB 119 Recitation – Calculus II
Yep, second semester in a row with Calculus II, only this time with Hanni. My recitations are at 0800, but strangely I’ve been getting up on time and have not been too tired during the two that we’ve had, so that must be a good sign. Maybe it’s the first vestiges of that resolution to get on a better sleep schedule…

Anyway, thought I’d summarize my academic starting blocks. I’m going to just be doing homework for the next few days (most of my packing is done), so we’ll see just how burnt out I get before lifting off for Mars.

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