Seven Weeks and Counting…

As of last Friday, I am seven weeks away from leaving Michigan to travel to the Utah desert for MDRS 89. Seven weeks isn’t that much time, and when you consider that I’ve only known about my selection for the crew rotation for roughly six weeks, I figured that it was a fitting time for another update. And what better thing to talk about near the holiday season than shopping!

Sleeping Bag
I’m still undecided on what type I’ll be getting, and I will be getting a new sleeping bag due to my height and the fact that all of my family’s sleeping bags are getting old and worn out, but I’ll probably be getting a Coleman brand one. Since I’ll have this sleeping bag for a while, I’m leaning toward an extreme weather one just so that I can use it anywhere. I have it narrowed down to two prime contenders, but that could easily change once I actually get the opportunity to purchase it.

North Rim : First choice due to the low temperature rating, low cost, and color. Yes, color matters, since I can be pretty picky since there are so many sleeping bags out there that I could pick from.
Diamondback 10 : Lower temperature rating, slightly more expensive, but it has a higher ceiling on maximum height… Tough call.

Hiking Boots
Need a new pair of these as well, and I don’t even know where to start. I don’t think I can pick a pair based on online descriptions, so until I actually get to a store I won’t even start thinking about them. If anyone knows a good brand, I could refine it that way, but down to a specific type, no ideas.

Required for EVAs. I haven’t worn a watch since the second grade. I’m thinking about getting a Timex, just because of what I remember from my Cross Country days, but this is up in the air as well. I’ll probably end up just getting the cheapest one that tells me the time, since I will almost definitely just be using this for EVAs. I may even be able to scrounge up an old watch from home, but that will need to wait until I actually go home for the holidays.

That’s it for the large items. I’ll also be getting some more long-sleeve t-shirts to supplement my current wardrobe, but that won’t be until after Christmas to take advantage of sales and gift cards. No use in spending money that I don’t have, right?

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