Thanksgiving in Review

This holiday break, I didn’t really have extended access to an internet connection, primarily because of the fact that my house does not have a wireless router. It is very much stuck in a time six years ago, and that has been a constant for most of my life (we had Windows 95 until the early 2000s). That technological gap is one of the reasons why I don’t really like leaving my apartment in East Lansing to head home; yes, I love my family, but I just feel trapped and cut off when I am with them.

Not that it’s all bad. Free food that actually tastes good is always a plus in my book! Add to that the fact that my roommates and I didn’t go grocery shopping for over two weeks before break so that we could minimize spoiling, and you have a recipe for a very grateful college junior. Thank you, large amount of disposable income and parents that know how to cook more than four different meals!

While at home, I worked on my research paper on alternative energy, finished reading a book (Moonrise by Ben Bova), started another book (Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson), and didn’t do much of anything else productive. Sure, I played The Beatles Rock Band quite a bit, and hung out with my sister’s boyfriend, and played ping-pong in our basement, but that can’t really be considered productive. I did also get a slight trim to even out my hair from my summer buzz cut, but that was just a minor note.

One thing that upset me, going back to the technology gap, was the fact that I could not communicate in “real time” with my MDRS crew. I checked my e-mail each night, and I read through a half-dozen e-mails that I had missed during the day and wouldn’t be able to respond to fully until I got back to EL (thankfully, not many required a response from me…), and I still haven’t been able to fully digest everything that I received. I only have 54 days until I meet up with the crew, which may seem like a lot until you eliminate basically half of that for school-related work (finals, pre-emptive homework completion, etc.) and holidays. I’m slowly going through all of the e-mails and making notes of what I need to fill out, send out, or get in place within the next month, just to make sure I don’t forget about things before my finals season starts.

Speaking of finals, I have no exams until finals, I am done on the Wednesday of finals week, and I only have four exams. I’ll start the season late this week, especially for the classes that I am most worried about (Classical, mostly). Should be a productive end of semester for me.

2 responses to “Thanksgiving in Review

  1. You aren’t the only one — I have the same feeling of overwhelmed-ness with all of the MDRS information to absorb! We’ll get there as a crew, don’t worry.

    Good luck preparing for your finals!

    • Kiri:
      Thanks! I should be fine once I get into finals mode (this weekend for sure), since once I start re-learning the information things don’t seem so bad. I’ll probably have too much time on my hands once break comes around and I finish up my internship applications…

      Here’s to seven more weeks on Earth!