Semester Update – Part 2

Well, with less than five full weeks left in the semester (including finals), I figured it was an opportune time to divulge what’s been happening recently, what I have coming up, and all sorts of school related odds-and-ends. This final stretch of the semester should be tough, but I’m pretty sure that things will turn out fine, especially with my developing insomnia.

Classical Mechanics II
Currently, I am most worried about this class. It’s not that the information is tough or hard to understand, it’s just the way that information is presented. It’s hard to tell during the lectures what is actually important, what is just an example and not necessary to write down, and what is completely pointless. We still haven’t gotten back our scores for the first exam yet (or at least I haven’t), and our last exam before the final is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Thankfully I’ll have basically 1.5 weeks to just focus on that, so we’ll see how that goes.

Abstract Algebra and Number Theory
I had my last midterm on Friday, and while I initially had some problems with a few of the problems, I realized that I had already solved one on the exam and the other just needed a slightly different look on what it was asking. Just like the first exam, I’ll be surprised if I get below a 90%. Homeworks have also been relatively fine, with no disastrously low scores or skipped assignments. Plus, I’m enjoying this class a lot as well. Definitely a big turn-around from earlier in the semester.

Quantum Mechanics I
My last midterm is today in eight hours, but I feel suitably prepared. My homework scores have been astounding, my one exam score above average, and my H-Option paper is languishing on my hard drive. I’m not too worried about this class, but I know that working on the paper should take a while. Of course, that’s what Thanksgiving Break is all about, right?

Galaxies and Cosmology
Had an exam last week, not worried about the homework or the material, and things are running smoothly. Not much else to say on this front.

Social Aspects of Climate Change
The final paper work is starting up, with a progress report due within the next two weeks. I have the outline, an introduction, and a conclusion all written up, so it’s basically just synthesizing the information. The in-class work for me is basically done, with just one more news source necessary and classroom participation. Should be a 4.0, and the Honors credits helps out as well.

Spring Semester
I’ve only spoken with two of my future professors so far about my two week absence. One was completely fine, and the other acted very differently than I expected. I basically had to defend myself as a motivated and hard-working student, citing my Honors College membership, a previous Honors 300-level PolySci course, my work in a doctor’s office, among other things, and he still tried to get me to re-think my enrollment in his course. I already don’t like him, especially when you account for him taking a long lunch during the time that he asked to meet me…

Calculus II
The students are finally finishing up the hard parts of the course and are moving into vectors, which will be a very welcome change for me, especially since I’ve been pounding out vectors in classes for the last year plus. The workload hasn’t been a problem at all, but the only thing I don’t like is that fact that (aside from two students) only students in other sections come to my office hours. I mean, they can go to any of the four LAs’ hours that they want, so it kind of makes sense…

I’m “tutoring” some local middle school children for an hour on Thursdays (aside from the last two Thursdays), meaning that I walk around, tell some jokes, and make sure that they’re doing their work. It’s not that bad of a gig, but it does cut off some of my office hours time on Thursdays, but that doesn’t matter too much (see above).

Well, that’s about it. MDRS prep has been running along smoothly, I saw my little brother’s play, and I’m going home for Thanksgiving before buckling down for finals mode.

2 responses to “Semester Update – Part 2

  1. The fact that you’re contacting the profs this early should indicate to them that you do take the two-week absence seriously! You might even be able to submit homework or whatnot from the Hab. If there’s any spare time to speak of. 🙂

    • Kiri:
      One that I talked to suggested just that, but I warned that I didn’t know the scanner situation at the Hab. I’m guessing that most of my work will probably be hand-written, but I’ll probably be able to work on it (maybe) while there and turn it in right after I get back.