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Thirsty Thursdays?

Well, it’s 0353 right now, and due to my insane workload I am still working on my homework due tomorrow. I’ve finished my Quantum Mechanics stuff, which took very long, and my Classical Mechanics stuff, meaning that it’s just Abstract Algebra that I need to complete. Of course, I’m getting stumped by some of the proofs, so I’m taking a break to type this up.

The bane of my existance

The bane of my existance

I have no one to blame but myself. I started all of the homework earlier in the week, but I just didn’t work on it as much as I should. Factor in the fact that I took the time to watch the new episode of The Office and help my friend with her Physics, and you have the equation for a long night of academic endeavors. Now to prove that it’s divisible by the product of my new-found guitar skills and a pint of milk…

This same thing happened last week, and I should have learned, but I decided to try my luck and procrastinate a little bit more. Since I get a lot of my homework on Friday or Monday, it’s not like I don’t have enough time to do all of it. In fact, my Astrophysics homework has recently been due on Wednesdays, meaning that I get a little reprise from a mountain of homework. I do have the assignment for that class right now, so I’ll be working on that this weekend in between cleaning the apartment and fixing my room.

In fact, and I don’t say this much, but I’m just giving up on Abstract right now. I need the next 6.5 hours to sleep for my four back-to-back-to-back-to-back classes tomorrow, and I’ve been falling asleep in many of them recently. Not good…

Telephonic Interactions

After a few poor decisions made by myself over the past few weeks, I’ve decided to not leave my phone on, or in a place I can reach it, on the weekends and especially at night. Why? I end up just randomly texting people for no reason, and that just isn’t cool, you know? I don’t think that they really appreciate it, plus I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of it either.

So, starting today, I am going to turn off my phone when I go out and probably just leave it in my apartment. That way I won’t be tempted to text “hey yo shit ass!” or other more vulgar messages to people I never really interact with.

This may also be combined with a Phonebook purging…

Day After: Seems like it worked out fine, even though I did bring my phone and I didn’t turn it off. Probably better in the long run, since my friends did call me making sure I was fine and I timed myself drinking a full cup (9.28 seconds, which is pretty good for as far gone as I was…). Maybe it’s just better to think about not calling/texting?

First Week Complete

Since my first actual week of classes have ended, and I don’t really have the inclination to finish my homework right now (especially when I still have three days to finish it), I figured that I’d fill you in on exactly what I’ve been up to, especially since a lot has happened.

Welcome Week
Replacing my previous record of four straight nights of drunken debauchery, this year’s Welcome Week was probably my best. No making out with a girl in a relationship, no almost dying in multiple car accidents, and (almost) no drama. I help a small shin-dig at the apartment for the other counselors from MST (Troy was, unfortunately, unable to attend), but for the most part I went out to parties. I can barely remember what it was like partying in the dorms, but of course I don’t want to regress to that either…

Right now, my seventeen credits don’t seem too bad. I’m doing all of the readings and attending all of my classes, plus staying awake during them, and doing the homework in a somewhat timely manner. The only thing I am worried about is when one of my “Big Four” classes has an exam, since that would seriously degrade my ability to prepare and do well on it.

Want to see what I’m taking?

AST 308 : Galaxies and Cosmology : MWF 1500-1550
MTH 310 : Abstract Algebra and Number Theory I : MWF 1240-1330
PHY 422 : Classical Mechanics II : MWF 1125-1225
PHY 471 : Quantum Mechanics I : MWF 1350-1440
LB 330H : Social Aspects of Climate Change : TTh 1700-1850

Those first four are the “Big Four”: four major-required courses back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Right now, I don’t really mind it, aside from not being able to get my favorite seat in BPS 1420 (where my PHY 471 class is), but even that isn’t that bad. A ton of people are in my classes that I know, but that’s just because of the level that the classes are at that everyone in the major has to take them.

I have not yet held recitation for LB 119 (I switched my 118 section with one of the other LAs since they had a class at the same time), since classes didn’t start until Wednesday. That means that the kids will have two classes before I see them, which I guess isn’t too much worse then the way things normally work out. I met with Luke, the senior Math LA, to talk about the upcoming recitation (he’s also teaching LB 119 this semester), plus we worked together last year for LB 118. We just hung out for two hours, went over the quiz and the homework, and figured out what was going on.

I’m really excited for this class, especially since I’ll be a more-experienced LA and teaching under my favorite professor (the one I taught for last year first semester and had as a professor my freshman year). I haven’t gotten a class list yet, so all I am going on is the Registrar’s Office website with a count of 20 students. Should be good…

I also applied for the MDRS program for the spring, plus as a Physics Help Room person for the year. I haven’t heard back for either of those yet, but hopefully I do soon-ish… I don’t think the MDRS letter will arrive for a few months, so I’ll be getting a surprise somewhere down the road!