Park Place 304

Currently, I am sitting at my new IKEA desk in my new room in my new apartment (and on my old MacBook), and I couldn’t be happier. I’m just glad that I’m finally out of the house, back on campus (technically near it), and ready to start the next semester.

There were a few hitches, however, in moving in. I went to the office, in Capitol Villa, and they said that I could check out the apartment but that I wouldn’t be able to move back in until 1300. After my dad and I checked it out, saw things were fine, I went back over to the office while my Dad started moving things up into the actual apartment.

Of course, they then proceed to tell me that I can’t move in until 1430, which was just ridiculous. I walked back over to the apartment to tell my dad to stop moving things in, to prevent a fine, so we hid what he had already moved in into my closet. Pretty sneaky, right? My dad says, “let me talk to them,” so we drive over to the office and walk in.

I’m thinking that because he was there and acted calm that the office workers finally conceded, so I signed an early move-in waiver, got my key, and things were all set. The lock had been changed earlier, so we just had to worry about the switchplate covers and the range burners (the covers got put in right as we were leaving for lunch).

All in all, a pretty smooth move in. The mattress arrived right at 1115, just after they thought they’d be there, I got all my things in, and I just spent the next few hours unpacking and building my desk, plus a little guitar as well. This year should be a good one.

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