Moon – Beginnings

Spurred by a conversation I had not too long ago, I’ve decided to give an overview of my new story arc, using some of the characters previously encountered in Moonshot but set a few years before. As it stands, I have fifty-some pages written, which is quite a lot for a week writing splurge. I’m hoping to have the same success with this coming week, but only time will tell if that will work out. If so, I’ll have this novel done in two months, much better than the four years for the previous, unfinished one!

Chapters 1 through 3
Nick Sonfend, a young science teacher, accepts a new job teaching middle school children in the Pacifica school (as of yet, no name past that) under the jurisdiction of the Pacifica Education Authority and housed in the namesake lunar colony. He leaves behind his two parents and sister and flies on a transfer shuttle to the Moon. En route, he meets Melissa Lauridson, an equally young flight attendant for whom Nick develops some small feelings but promptly makes a fool of himself. Melissa forgives him, and once they arrive at Pacifica she helps him become acclimated to the colony, from understanding what the color-coded airlocks are for to the idea that “moonlegs” come from more than just a prolonged stay.

Chapters 4 through 6
Nick and Melissa go on a few dates before she has to leave for another few weeks for work (most flight attendants work two flights, back to back, followed by a short leave). Nick gradually becomes more comfortable in the colony and with his new job, even after an awkward meeting in a bathroom with a fellow teacher.

Chapters 7 and 8
Nick has taught his first two weeks basically flawlessly, although there have been some bumps with teacher confidentiality in regards to helping students in the other science classes. For the most part, Nick is happy with the way things are panning out, although he still worries that Melissa may not be as emotionally involved in their pseudo-relationship as he is. Those fears are quelled when Melissa begins her leave, and the two romantically reunite.

Well, the summaries aren’t the best, but I’m not writing a novel based on summaries, am I? I’m beginning to get into the meat of the story, past a lot of the initial character development phases, so the next batch of work should be very interesting… So interesting, in fact, that I’m not even exactly sure where it’s going!

Note: I’m not even thinking about a name for this one yet, plus I’m not reading backwards past a paragraph or two when I start a new chapter. I think it’s much better this way, plus I stay focused on the upcoming story and not what I’ve already done.

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