Starting over…?

I know that no one, least of all me, wants to hear this, but I think I’ve had an epiphany about my novel and what I want it to be. Right now, Moonshot revolves around a few people living within the already established lunar colonies during the time of the global war on Earth and after. It concentrates on how the people react to the changing situation on the Earth, on the surface of the Moon, and within their own individual colonies.

I just think I should tweak it around a little bit… I’m not going to scrap what I have, but I think writing a story about Nick Sonfend (one of the major characters current) and his life, starting from when he departs from Earth for the Moon following the end of his education and continuing through living in Pacifica up until the beginning of the novel, would make for an interesting story as well. If anything, it will help flesh out Nick as a character in Moonshot in its current form.

Why the change? Well, right now, I’m reading Saturn by Ben Bova. It’s an amazing story detailing the journey of a large (10,000 inhabitants) colony from the Earth-Moon vicinity to orbit around Saturn, both for research purposes and for the radical religious groups that control the Earth’s governments to dispel some of their less desirable citizens, sort of like a futuristic Australia. Saturn, and its sequel Titan, focus on a few of the prominent members of this colony as they travel to Saturn and set up shop around the planet.

Ben Bova has been one of my favorite authors since I first read one of his books (Titan, I believe…) three years ago, plus his style has greatly influenced my current writing greatly. I’ve read many of his books multiple times, but this time I just got a feeling that I should change my own book as well… Maybe it was re-immersing myself in his style and attention to detail?

Anyway, I’ll be writing up some new story soon to see if I should follow this tract. Maybe it will just act as a small distraction until I get back into my first novel? I’ll let you guys know.

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