Monthly Archives: August 2009

Park Place 304

Currently, I am sitting at my new IKEA desk in my new room in my new apartment (and on my old MacBook), and I couldn’t be happier. I’m just glad that I’m finally out of the house, back on campus (technically near it), and ready to start the next semester.

There were a few hitches, however, in moving in. I went to the office, in Capitol Villa, and they said that I could check out the apartment but that I wouldn’t be able to move back in until 1300. After my dad and I checked it out, saw things were fine, I went back over to the office while my Dad started moving things up into the actual apartment.

Of course, they then proceed to tell me that I can’t move in until 1430, which was just ridiculous. I walked back over to the apartment to tell my dad to stop moving things in, to prevent a fine, so we hid what he had already moved in into my closet. Pretty sneaky, right? My dad says, “let me talk to them,” so we drive over to the office and walk in.

I’m thinking that because he was there and acted calm that the office workers finally conceded, so I signed an early move-in waiver, got my key, and things were all set. The lock had been changed earlier, so we just had to worry about the switchplate covers and the range burners (the covers got put in right as we were leaving for lunch).

All in all, a pretty smooth move in. The mattress arrived right at 1115, just after they thought they’d be there, I got all my things in, and I just spent the next few hours unpacking and building my desk, plus a little guitar as well. This year should be a good one.

The Mars Society

I get my information from various sources, but when it comes to actively seeking out a position as an astronaut, I turn to Astronaut for Hire, an excellent blog detailing the author’s efforts to do exactly that. He takes part in a program called FMARS, a Mars analog research station run by The Mars Society and housed on Devon Island, Canada, and actively blogged about his experience there. It was immensely interesting and informative for me, and thankfully I may have a similar chance as well…

He alerted his readers to TMS’s recently-opened call for applicants for their MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station) project, located in Utah. This would encompass two weeks of testing procedures that would be used on Mars actual to study soil samples to look for traces of life, or if life had existed in the past and in what form, and to monitor the actual participants for physical and mental strain from EVAs and other work.

So, of course I was interested in applying. Right now, I am revising my resume to include some of their requirements and doing more research on the actual program and what has been done in the past on excursions. While the number of undergraduates is somewhat low, I might have a shot at getting in on the 2009-2010 season with the amount of research I have already done during my two years. I should have the actual application process done within the week, after the update my online resume as well.

The only problem is that I’d have to take two weeks off of my second semester to attend…

District 9

Well, I just got back from watching this film in theaters, and I have to say that it is one of the best movies I’ve watched in a long time. I’m a big fan of mockumentaries, mostly due to The Office and Arrested Development, and this movie seamlessly integrates that into a great story that just continues to escalate and change and make you wonder what’s happening next.

I’m not going to tell you anything about what happens in the movie or anything like that, which might make this the worst movie review ever written. I’m going to tell you to not look things up about the story or anything like that until after you actually see the movie. I got the same advice, thankfully before I saw the most recent issue of Time, and I am glad that I followed that advice. The Time article especially gives away a ton of spoilers, so much so that reading the article after returning home basically allowed me to walk through the movie again. Good if you want to relive it, bad if you haven’t seen it yet.

Anyway, watch the movie once (or twice, or more) and think about what it tells you about the human race and yourself. You’ll be glad that you did.