Post-MST Stress

Yes, MST was a great experience, but a few problems still cropped up following my departure from the camp. It was a huge shock to be returned to the real world, and now I’ll be handling these few things.

Getting Paid: All through MST, my forms for employment (W-4, SSN verification, etc.) were not being processed, even though I had submitted them no less than three times within the few months before and during camp. I, thankfully, have recently received news that I am finally ob the payroll for the camp, meaning that the $1000-payment will eventually be in my bank account, and by eventually I mean sooner than four months distant.

EDIT 8.14.2009 : I got paid earlier today, so the huge lump of money is in my checking account. I haven’t had this much money in a while, since before buying my guitar a year and a half ago.

Preparing the Apartment: This one’s a little tricky… I’ve already bought a new desk, bought a new chair earlier in the summer, and got a couch from my sister for only $20, so I am probably much further along than my two roommates. I don’t, however, know any information about our kitchen and cleaning supplies, although the cleaning supplies are less essential. I’m supposed to call one of my roommates’ parents to figure out what he can bring, but I keep forgetting until late at night. Why? I’m going to the store with my other roommate to buy some more things, and I’d like to know exactly what I need to buy without going over.

Painting Projects: While this normally would go over on my other site, I’m including it here since it’s taking up a large chunk of my life. I received some free gaming things from a company in New Zealand so long as I paint up the free stuff (along with some of my own models) and send them some pictures. Since I was gone for two weeks, I’m a little behind… meaning I haven’t finished and the deadline is this weekend. To make matters worse, the camera that I was planning on using broke on the last day of MST, and I have yet to get it repaired. I could always borrow my sister’s camera, but I do need to eventually fix this one anyway, plus I already know how to set up all the “model” settings for pictures.

The “Other” Summer Job: I was already disliking Mathnasium before leaving for camp, and was dreading the return once I got back. Thankfully, that return only lasted three days. I told my employers that I was moving back to school next Wednesday (a full three weeks before my actual date), and thankfully they bought it, plus gave me some extra time to get ready to move. I’m not saying that it wasn’t a good experience, but I just didn’t enjoy it as much this summer, especially after returning.

Well, I need to sort a few of these things out tomorrow, but the rest can wait until later in the summer since I still have a little over three weeks until I am back at school. There also is another worry I have, but I’d rather not talk about that here…

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