MST @ MSU : Final Update

I’m writing this a little late again because of the MST closing ceremonies and moving back home after the two weeks. Plus, delaying it allowed me to think things over, start mulling over the end of two of the best weeks of my life. Hopefully I won’t forget much of what happened, but of course it always might happen.

I didn’t even bother waking up to run, as I just wanted to get some sleep before the day started. I didn’t even get out of bed until around 0720, and I was still pretty tired by the time breakfast color groups rolled around. I finally got used to drinking coffee, dropping down to one cream, two sugars and just drinking it.

I went to Physiology for the morning class and took a video camera with me. The Video class didn’t have any footage of Physiology, and they wouldn’t be able to take any that day, so I filmed some stuff for them. The class was pretty boring, but I did get some footage that was used in the final video. For the second half of the class, I took a nap on the futon just outside of the classroom and was out cold until one of the students woke me up. We went to one of the many conference rooms so that the instructors could talk about college work in Physiology with the students, as well as give them some snacks.

We got back to Shaw at 1135, much later than we should have. I missed a Thriller dance rehearsal that was supposed to be before lunch, which I really needed to go to. For the second class, I took the kids to Genetics and brought Harry Potter with me. I just read the entire class, even sat outside during a movie so that I could still read. I wanted to finish the book before leaving camp, since I needed to give it back to Steph.

I then took the kids to Flash II, dropped them off, picked some stuff up from the GATE office, took them back to Shaw, then changed into gym shorts. Why? We were going to have our annual Staff vs. Clinic basketball game, but I didn’t want to give it away to the basketball kids beforehand. I wore all black, grabbed a water, then walked with Troy, Mazur, and Darin over to the court.

We ended up winning 12-7, and were up 8-2 earlier in the game. I had most of the points for the Staff team, although with our lack of subs we got pretty lazy on defense and my legs were tired. It felt good just playing against the boys, plus I was able to play fully instead of a tired stumble across the court like in earlier games.

After the game, I walked back to Flash II to pick up the kids, played a few of their games, then walked them back to Shaw. I showered quickly, got dressed for the talent show, ate a very quick dinner, then walked with Darin over to McDonel to start setting up. We re-arranged more chairs than I want to think about while the kids walked over, after which we started setting up the sound system and running through a bunch of things.

The talent show went well. I had to rig up (with a kid’s help) a mic stand for me, since I wouldn’t be able to hold the mic and play guitar at the same time. I messed up, since I started singing the second verse first, so I just started over. Thankfully, it was close to the beginning so it wasn’t that bad. Once I was done, I quickly changed into my Thriller costume, which was just a few garbage bags, then had scary make-up applied.

I messed up the dance a little bit, but I don’t really care. I think all of us, aside from maybe Darin and Steph, messed up a little, but it’s not like we had a bunch of time to work on it anyway, right? Since we were last, we just had a meeting in McDonel about the rest of the night before walking back to Shaw. I worked with my kids and their speeches for closing ceremonies before getting them all in the rooms.

The RAs grabbed some walkie-talkies and we crept around checking for lights out or kids doing bad things. It was pretty fun, plus we got to pretend to be covert ops or something. After, we had a meeting about the closing ceremonies, then went off to bed.

I woke up and helped with the wake-up calls, then went up to the lounge to relax before breakfast. I ate quickly, since I needed to head back down to terrace to check rooms as the kids moved out. Once the kids were ready, I went to their rooms and checked everything. One mom, after I pointed out a bunch of things the kid missed, just kept saying how good I was at making sure things were all set in the dorm room.

Once everyone was moved out, I walked over to the Business College to go to closing ceremonies with the other RAs, sat down in the chairs on the right, and made sure to stay awake as best as I could. They showed the movie that the film class had made, then went though the speeches about each of the classes. A few were pretty bad, but many were good. Once all of the speeches were done, we took pictures with the kids and then met in one last color group to pass out their packets. It was pretty sad, and a few cried, but otherwise it was nice to just end all of the stress from the two weeks before.

The RAs went back to the dorm for the last meeting, where we got certificates and talked about random things, then we did celebratory shots, then walked to Noodles for a quick lunch. It was a great end of camp on that end, plus we got some food which was greatly needed to dilute the alcohol and prepare for the night. I went back to the dorm, finished packing up, took a shower, then called my sister for her to pick me up and move me out. I stored all of my things in her basement, then Nichole picked me up and we headed over to Darin’s apartment for the end-of-camp party.

And with the end of the party, camp was over. I finished moving out on Sunday when my dad picked me up and picked up my stuff from my sister’s house. It just seemed to blow past so quickly, but at the same time it felt like the camp had started months before. I really want to work there next summer, and I hope I get called back, and it was a great experience.

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