MST @ MSU : Update 10

Well, the second-to-last full day of camp finished up today, with only classes tomorrow and moving out on Saturday to get through. It was raining this morning, so running was cancelled. I got up a little late and staggered into the lounge, my newly-buzzed head a surprise, shut off the television, and said, “color groups.” A few kids immediately asked me what had happened to my hair, while most of the others didn’t notice.

I took Physiology to class again in the morning, so we walked to BPS in the rain. Of course, when we got there (based on Priya’s instructions), we had to go to IM West instead. So, we walked there in the rain with half of the group walking slowly forcing everyone else to slow down. Once we got there, I spent the first part of class trying to dry out as much as I could. For the second half, we did some exercises to determine our VO2 Max, although I didn’t get a sheet with all of the equations and calculations on it so I couldn’t complete it.

We then walked back to Shaw and went to lunch. Kathee was there, so we couldn’t really sit at an RA table or hang out late in the cafeteria. I then took Mechanical Engineering to the afternoon class, and Mazur on his afternoon off went with us. I just read Harry Potter and got to the part where Harry learns of the Yule Ball. I’m trying to finish it, but I don’t think I’ll be able to.

I went to Basketball again today, although I hadn’t planned on it, and was in for four-on-four. I was not feeling good or in shape, and my team lost both games. I wasn’t really playing well, plus I only made one shot total. After, we went back to Shaw and I headed up the roommate switching for tomorrow night and worked with my two teams for their speeches on Saturday.

After dinner, I went with Darin and Steph to McDonel to work on some talent show things, plus walked a few groups back to Shaw in the middle of the practice. I left my binder in the kiva, since I took the second group all of the way back and stayed at Shaw. I went to the computer lab and checked some e-mail and things, plus got in a little Counterstrike with the kids. It was pretty fun, with games not lasting that long, but I enjoyed it.

We had a short meeting, then worked on our Thriller dance for the talent show. We went through the entire dance and learned everything, so we should be all set for a few run-throughs tomorrow before the show. After, Darin had to leave for a little bit, so we had a little fun with some of his stuff…

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