MST @ MSU : Updates 5, 6, and 7

Well, the last few days have kind of gotten away from me, but I finally found some time today to start hashing out the last few days. I’ll try to remember things as best as I can, but I make no guarantees for what happens.

Day 5
On Friday, I again had a different schedule than the rest of the week, which again was a welcome change from the first three days of the week. I took the kids to Genetics, which actually wasn’t that bad of a class. I got some more refreshers for Biology, a tour of a genetics lab (including some shots of an older PCR machine), and an hour-long movie. I took some more pictures, then slept through the entire movie, basically. I sat in the back corner, leaned against a fridge, then just passed out. A student’s alarm went off for his medication, waking me up, so I had to chaperon him to the bathroom.

At the end of class, one of the students was missing his key. We looked in the classroom for a few minutes, then figured that we might as well look through the lab as well. Before heading back up to the lab, I went back to where the rest of the students were waiting and asked again if anyone had the key. One kid, which we’ve been having a lot of trouble with snickered and pulled out the key.

Needless to say, I took him to see Troy once we got back to Shaw since he also was still missing his binder. We talked about that and his key, and thankfully later in the day he was much better. I haven’t noticed much other problems with him since, so maybe it was the best idea.

I went to Astronomy in the afternoon, and it was great. I laughed, took pictures, thought about how ridiculous one student was, and chatted with the instructors about a ton of things. For my clinic, I went to Visual Arts, and I just worked on my own clay sculpture of a tiger for the hour-long class. I really liked it, plus it was inside and I got to act like a kid again.

That night, I played some RISK with Mazur and a few of the students, which was great. It was the first time I could play RISK during camp, plus it was just good to act like a kid again without worrying much about anything. We all turned it in early after our RA meeting, since we had an early morning.

Day 6
Wake up calls were early this morning, with all of the RAs on call, since we were going to Camp Highfields for the day. We loaded up the kids on two buses, took a forty-five-minute bus ride, and unloaded the kids and their lunches. We broke up into the teams we had created last night, which of course weren’t perfect, but were good enough (aside from Steph’s team). My team was surprisingly good, but it took a little goading from me to get them to feel comfortable with themselves initially.

We did a bunch of activities before eating lunch and moving into the woods, where we did even more. I took part in all of them, which was very nice. On the “birthday log” one, I had to get from one end of the log to the other, since I was at the December end and the only January birthday. I mostly just stepped over all of them as they crouched down.

We would’ve gone to the wall if it wasn’t for our leader being uncomfortable doing it herself, but that’s ok. We knew that we were sweet, and that’s all that matters. The ride back was nice, with a welcome nap, and after I took a shower to get ready for the dance.

I mostly watched and laughed with the other RAs and Troy, plus took a bunch of photos and videos of the kids. I also got some of the RAs, which was great. The dance lasted for three hours, included a bunch of drama (like everything involving middle schoolers), but was otherwise a lot of fun. It was another late night, so we held our meeting quickly to get some rest for the next day.

Day 7
Sunday was the first real day that we could sleep in; I slept in until 0920, giving me around seven hours of sleep for the night. I manned one of the laundry rooms while doing my own laundry and filling up water balloons for field day. A couple of the kids tried to help me out, but they didn’t do much. It was really just a good break for me from doing anything. After lunch, the other RAs helped me fill up the rest of them, which involved a lot of goofy comments from all parties.

We then started assembling all of the necessary commodities for the games, like eggs, toilet paper, the water balloons, buckets, sponges, and everything else we needed. We took them over to the field behind the Rock, started setting things up, and waited for the kids to show up with the other RAs and Troy.

Boy were those games fun! We threw sponges and water balloons, got wet, played with a giant slingshot, and had a great time. At the end, it got a little crazy with the kids grabbing the extra balloons and eggs and running amuck, but it was still pretty fun. I was covered in egg (and still smelled like it later that day), was wet, but had a smile on my face.

I then showered and ate dinner, which was another BBQ-style dinner outside. I also organized a nice frisbee game, but we had to cut it short for color groups and a study period. During that period, I basically just talked with the other RAs and played Dirty Clubs with Mazur, Priya, and Troy, which is a great game. I also talked to my dad about bringing up my guitar for the talent show, since I’ll be doing my own act plus possibly playing for our RA skit.

After, I went with the Astronomy class and Troy to the observatory. That was a ton of fun, plus I got to see everything in the building. We spent a lot of time up in the actual dome, walking around all of the old rooms that weren’t needed anymore due to the technology now used, and looked through the main telescope and a few smaller ones. I saw Jupiter and could make out the cloud patterns and all four Galilean satellites.

We left around 0030, tried to go through Taco Bell but couldn’t, and got back to Shaw around 0100. Mazur, Troy, and I played more Dirty Clubs and ordered some Pokey Sticks to make up for the lack of Taco Bell, which was great. The other RAs had picked my classes while I was gone, but they gave me the afternoon off to make up for me having no say in anything. That afternoon off is actually the reason why I can finish this triple update, since I don’t have to put it off until tonight when I need to write today’s as well.

Anyway, sorry about the lack of updates over the past few days. I’ll be returning to the “one a day” format tonight, and I should be able to carry that through the end of camp, which is in less than a week!


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