MST @ MSU : Update 4

Thursday was the first day where I had vastly different classes, just because I had been in Physics and Basketball the entire time. It was a very good break from everything, plus I didn’t have to lead an afternoon class, which was nice.

I went to Physiology in the morning, and that class is slowly being considered the best class. I sat in the back and listened to what the instructors were saying and refreshing my memory on some Biology concepts. I also wrote a color piece for creative writing (text included below) for Creative Writing, the clinic I was attending in the afternoon.

We then traveled into the lab, and I walked around and took some pictures (which I still need to send to the instructors…) and filmed some video, mostly of two girls playing songs with their breathing apparatuses. I helped out a few of them with some printing issues, like grabbing the paper from the tall printer, and reminding them of what each of the peaks were or how to find the difference.

During my afternoon off, I went to Starbuck’s to get a drink then walked to Bessey to go to the MST office to drop off a few forms, just to make sure that I will be getting paid for these two weeks. Once I got back to Shaw, I took a 40-minute nap before corralling my class to head over.

In Creative Writing, I just kind of sat there, read a few student’s pieces, listened to some Michael Jackson because of the students’ music choices, and read my piece. The instructor said that she was sure that I was really an English major, not a science major, after listening to what I wrote, which I’ve copied below:

Oh, to be the leaves of the trees in summer! Basking in the warm July sun, dancing in every slight breeze, casting ever-mutating shadows on the ground.

Or even to be the grass, that soft carpet of the world. The smell of freshly cut blades, the slight scrape on the skin when rolling down a hill, or even the shimmer of far-off fields in the morning dew.

Maybe even the leaves on a flower, that tranquil backdrop to nature’s beauty? The surface of the sea above the coral reefs? The night sky just before a thunderstorm?

Oh, to be but a color, and that which the world views as its own.

Kids almost lost my frisbee in the river twice within the span of a few minutes, which kind of upset me. We will eventually be playing a full game of ultimate on the field on the other side of the river (behind the Rock), so hopefully they can handle that a little better. I played a little ERS as well, plus helped with physics homework. That class is really challenging for the kids, but they are learning a ton of stuff.

We also walked off campus to see Ghostbusters, which was an excursion. We had to get quickly back to campus at the end of the movie due to an incoming thunderstorm, but we made it. One of my kids lost his phone, but we found it after a while. The RAs all got pokey sticks, and my friend stopped by, and I introduced her as “Harry Potter,” which everyone got immediately.

I had a lot of other things happen, but I’m getting fatigued quickly and surely, so these updates will be shorter. I won’t combine two days into one, since I’ll forget a lot.


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