MST @ MSU : Update 3

So, today began on the surface of my transfered mattress with the shrill siren of the alarm clock. I had not slept well at all, no doubt sue to the returning to Shaw at 0325 after a long escapade and sleeping on a different mattress. I woke up, began to get dressed, then noticed I was missing one running shoe. I walked up to the lobby, still very out of it, and asked Troy if he knew where it was, since I figured he had something to do with the shenanigans from the night before.

He said that he saw a shoe in the hallway by the office, and lo and behold my shoe was there. I brought it down, showed it to Troy, and said, “yeah, I think this is Mia’s shoe.” I walked back down to my room, grabbed my other shoe, and walked back up to the lobby while loosening the tightened laces on the hallway shoe. Of course, this lead me to run into the glass wall near the stairwell, followed by a bump into the door, allowing the eight kids plus Troy to just laugh.

While waiting for breakfast, Darin, the Red group RA, came over, sat down, and asked, “so, what did you think of the movie?” I had to stare him down for a little bit before replying with a curt fine since there were maybe six or seven students sitting right around me. One asked, after overhearing the comment, “what movie?” to which I replied, “oh, just some RA stuff I needed to work through last night.” More on that in a little bit…

I had to yell on the way to Physics, as part of my group was very far ahead and about to cross South Shaw while the rest of us were still far behind. They were right with the Astrophysics class, so of course they assumed incorrectly that they could cross at the same time.

At lunch, Priya and I discussed some field games, trying to plan a few more things out for the games on Sunday. I told a few of the kids that like sitting with us to sit somewhere else, but nicely, so that we could hash out some “official RA business.” Darin pointed out that I could basically mention any topic, even something made up, around a student, then just say that it’s official business or RA stuff, and the student will immediately divert the topic. I’ll need to try it out with some made-up things tomorrow…

I got locked out of the afternoon Astrophysics class after going to the bathroom to blow my nose, after which I took a trip down to Sparty’s to grab some hot chocolate, then I sat on a couch near the classroom. Eventually, I got back in when the kids were doing a demo, so that I could effectively police the class. It didn’t need much, but one student was sleeping and not interacting with everyone, so I needed to goad him into actually working.

While leaving, I had to yell twice more: once for the lead group getting too far ahead while still in BPS, even after a few directed comments towards them and the words of some of their peers, and once for roughhousing near the exit and around people working or entering the building. Not very good, right?

Basketball I mostly sat out, just because they did a lot of three-on-three shooting games, plus I was beginning to feel a little sick, which was a good break. I called MSU Payroll to try to sort out all of my payment issues, and I found out the reason: I’m not on the MST payroll yet. I mean, I’ve been hired for the better part of two months, but I may not even be paid?

We had the BBQ dinner soon after getting back to Shaw. Like most meals, I’ve discovered, I was unable to finish due to kids talking to me or having to do other things. This one was no different, other than the fact that dinner was almost two hours long. Near the end, I had a whole group of kids from each of the three color groups just sitting around and talking to me, which made me feel pretty sweet. Earlier, I had to help fish out two different balls from the Red Cedar River, the second of which with Troy shaking the tree I was using to walk out over the stream. It wasn’t that bad, actually, but it just kind of pissed me off that the kids playing soccer kicked two different soccer balls into the river after repeated warnings not to. I also had to help out a kid that got hit in the face during said soccer game, plus clean up some trash, look for my binder, help Troy with odds and ends, and talk with a large group of students.

Of course, this wasn’t without hitches. Two girls were missing after extensive sweeps of the two floors, the common areas in Shaw, a few of the not-so-common areas, and a large area around the river. They were eventually found together in a girls’ bathroom, a bathroom which multiple people had called into asking for them. Once that was done, we grouped up for some studying.

Well, my job was first to bike up to Potbelly’s to buy a sandwich for one of my basketball guys after he was feeling sick all day and didn’t eat much. It was pretty funny riding Darin’s street bike with a huge bag holding a single sandwich (only one size had handles). Once that was done, I played a little ERS with a few of my kids, then sent them off to bed. It was my first time playing, and it was so much fun. All of them kept commenting on how I was acting like a little kid since I was so excited to get a slap or anything. I also bragged to Troy, sitting a few tables over, each time I got a slap, which they thought was even funnier.

I then took my mattress back to my room, with Mazur’s help, with a few of the kids watching and wondering as we went. A few asked if we had had a sleep-over, to which we replied “why would we move the beds?” or something similar. Right before that, my dad and sister stopped by to drop off my aviators and to pick up the information for the apartment check. I cleaned up my room, then sat with Darin and Steph while we debated things to do for our RA skit in the Talent Show next week.

At our meeting, we had quite a bit to say about a few students, but two in particular. One had bad-mouthed Priya in the stairwell and the other was just a general problem. We then discussed a couple random things, like the talent show, we set our schedules for tomorrow, then we shared stories about everything, like a weird music room encounter and random moments from the day, like all times. Tonight I was especially slap-happy due to my two-hours of sleep last night and a long day of work.

It is weird to think that camp is only three days over. It seems like far to short a time to be here and with the kids, yet the days went by so fast that I wonder where they went. I already like many of the kids, and I’m sure that a few of them like me too. The BBQ dinner started with Priya and I sitting in spots in a circle of a bunch of the kids that they had saved for us, forcing Steph, Mazur, and Darin to find a place elsewhere…

It’s going to be weird in a week and a half when all of this is over.


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