MST @ MSU : Update 2

Well, since most days will be exactly the same, from now on I won’t be referring to very specific things, like calling color groups or mealtimes or anything else. I’ll generally just do some anecdotes with relative “time stamps” just so that you have a feel for when these things happen. Of course, I’ll try to go in chronological order as well.

I had Physics in the morning. Since my scavenger hunt team was basically the Physics class, I had a quick pep talk with them about my comments from the previous day before walking over to BPS for class. I really enjoyed the class, mostly because I’m a huge nerd, but I can definitely see how the other RAs would hate the class. We then worked in the lab, studying the acceleration of a falling object due to gravity, and I walked around and helped a bunch of people to relieve some pressure on the two instructors. I’m sure that many of the Blue girls are opening up to me more, as evidenced here and elsewhere today.

For lunch, I sat with two other Blue girls, and we just talked and talked about a ton of things. One was from the “No, I’m fine” incident the other day, but thankfully she was cool about actually sitting and conversing with me. Score one for me!

Then came Astronomy and the tour of the NSCL, the one thing I was looking forward to most for this camp. I was completely geeked about the whole thing, but Priya, my Blue female counterpart, did not enjoy it as much. She fell asleep during the initial presentation due to a combination of the dark room and the subject area. The walk around NSCL was great, and I got a ton of pictures of the different detectors and equipment and for the memory things at the end of camp.

We also took group pictures, both of individual color groups and the entire MST staff and counselors, minus a few that didn’t make it over, which went fine.

I yelled a total of three times, and one was at a different group of kids from a different camp for being completely inconsiderate to the other camps, so I think it was a pretty successful day in that regard. We of course had some problems with racial/sexuality comments, and those will soon be weeded out by speeches by Troy and trips to see Troy. Should be interesting to see how things hold up with that.

Other than that, I got my first dose of camp pranks with a missing mattress, vasolined door knob, random scavenger hunt through Shaw, missing clothes, and and inconclusive end. Not bad for only day two!


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