Starting tomorrow, I will be on Michigan State’s campus acting as a counselor for the MST @ MSU camp. This camp seeks to expose gifted middle school students (specifically those entering 8th and 9th grades) to various math, science, and technology concepts. Some example classes, as each student takes two, are Nuclear Astrophysics and Mechanical Engineering, among many others. The students also have enrichment programs, like basketball or martial arts, so the camp isn’t just about learning.

I am really excited to go, and not just because I want to get away from my house and Mathnasium. I’m excited to see exactly what they learn, and how they learn it, and become a role model for some of the kids. I also want to tour the NSCL, as I have never set foot inside of it. Funny, right? A Physics/Astrophysics junior how has never been inside the premier heavy isotope research center in the United States that happens to be located a half-mile from where I lived for two years.

I started packing up yesterday, just some clothes that they require us to bring, and some of the remainder of my packing will have to wait until the load of laundry I put in finishes up. Then, I leave tomorrow around 1230 to drive up to State, drop off an early move-in request at my apartment complex, then move into Shaw Hall for the camp!


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