Celebrating the Fourth

This weekend I was up north with my family at our lakeside cottage. Of course, I mostly just read a book (Then We Came to the End, by Joshua Ferris), ate some food, slept, and watched movies. I was still a little watered-out from last weekend, plus I really didn’t feel like doing anything…

Anyway, it was nice to relax, clear my head of things, all that good stuff, but my head didn’t really clear. I just kept thinking and thinking about things I needed to do, like buying things for my apartment, revising my novel (which I took with me but didn’t work one iota on), finishing up some models, and Girl X.

No, a different Girl X.

It’s complicated.

I understand that, but I promised that I would divulge information about that part of my personal life anymore.

Anyway, I have no idea where things stand, as usually, but hopefully things keep developing in a positive direction. That’s really all we can do… Hope.


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