Hobby Month

This July is my hobby and activity months, based on what I’ll be doing during basically all of my free time. While I would rather it just be “Hobby Months,” I do still need to have an income to fuel those hobbies… I’ll start with the “Activity” side of things.

For two weeks, I’ll be working as a camp counselor at the MST @ MSU Summer Camp, held on Michigan State’s campus. There I’ll be watching after ten-some middle school boys, taking them to classes, and planning afternoon activities for them to do. It will be really interesting to see how things go with that, plus I’ll be making around $1000 for the entire stint. I’ll be there from roughly the 11th to the 25th.

On the “Hobby” side of things, there’s a lot. First, I am receiving a free base for one of my Valkyries in the mail. I don’t know which bases, but hopefully it is this one, since it was my first choice when the offer came up. The only condition for that is that I will need to paint it up and take some pictures of it, with my finished Valkyrie, and send it to the company to be featured on their website.
EDIT 7.4.2009 0152 : I received “The Keep” base, and have it painted up. No pictures yet.

Speaking of finishing my Valkyrie, I ordered this airbrsh/compressor combo, which should arrive within a week. It will be used to paint the camo on my first Valkyrie and completely paint my second, as-of-now un-assembled, Valkyrie, along with the last few Tau tanks I have left. I am really excited for that, especially since I’m getting pretty frustrated hand-painting those vehicles…

So, through the first two days of this “Hobby Month,” I’ve hand-painted a few coats on said Valkyrie and worked on my army’s background story. Next week should see more action (especially after a trip to the store), as will the last week of July as I finish up these projects for their deadlines.

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