Summer Vacation

I feel that this weekend was my first of summer vacation. A weird feeling, especially as I’ve been out of school for almost two months (seven weeks, to be precise) and I have basically just been relaxing the whole time. Let me take you on a quick run-through of what my weekend was:

1230 Saturday: My friend was dropped off at my house, and we left for East Lansing.
1330 Saturday: Stopped to get some McDonald’s and fill up the tank with gas.
1410 Saturday: Arrived at second friend’s house and left for Charlotte after a quick tour.
1450 Saturday: Arrive at second friend’s cottage; all of our other friends were already there.
1515 Saturday: Went kayaking with Friend 03.
1600 Saturday: Ate some food before heading out on the Wave Runner for tubing and a driving lesson.
1830 Saturday: Second round of food accompanied by s’mores and bug spray.
1900 Saturday: A little girl declared her love for me, followed by a bunch of awkward photographs.
2030 Saturday: Fireworks over the lake begin.
0000 Sunday: My four friends and I retreat back into the cottage, followed by long discussions about our opposite sex problems.
0120 Sunday: Rowdiness ensues despite the paper thin walls (eventually quelled around 0230).
0915 Sunday: My friends start waking up; I take this opportunity to actually get some sleep.
1200 Sunday: I get up, eat some food, then go for a swim.
1530 Sunday: I take a quick nap, only to be awoken by my friends jumping on me.
1645 Sunday: Departure from the cottage: I head back to East Lansing.
1750 Sunday: Drop Friend 01 (the one who was dropped off at my house on Saturday) at her apartment, then head to Friend 02’s house.
1810 Sunday: Showers, followed by a departure to see The Hangover, starting at 1850.
2050 Sunday: Depart from friend’s house for Beverly Hills.

Well, I didn’t really need to go through all of that, but I figured for completeness I’d include it. Most of the times, especially once we arrived at the cottage, are mere guesses, since I obviously couldn’t take my phone with me to keep track of time, nor would I want to.

Anyway, I did a lot of fun things, most of which I hadn’t done all summer and some things I did for the first time (like driving a jet ski). I enjoyed myself the entire weekend, ate some more burgers and hot dogs, and saw some friends I hadn’t seen since school got out. All in all I had a great time.

Which brings me back to it being the beginning of summer. Needless to say, I haven’t had the best summer with an increasingly-declining work environment, an almost complete absence of all of my friends, a failing relationship juxtaposed with a growing one, and the negligence of a younger sibling. This really was my first opportunity to just go out, be myself, and have fun, something I will be hard-pressed to find once my Junior year begins in the fall.

Either way, I’m looking forward to these next two months of summer.

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