Two stories that everyone should read

Today, while eating a dinner of Arby’s Beef ‘n Cheddars and wondering what to do for the rest of the night, my dad passed me the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, opened up to an article. “You need to read this, and make sure that your brother and sister read it, too.” I knew that it was going to be an emotional story, akin to some e-mails he has sent me in the past about economic hardships and any other touching story he’s ever told us or mentioned.

Link to The New York Times article, written soon after the game last year. The SI story is recounted differently, but the essence is the same.

When reading the story, I couldn’t help to stop some tears welling up in my eyes. What Mallory and Liz did for their opponent is nothing short of inspirational. Once I put the magazine down, the only things I could think about were how many people in this world would not do the same, and how I would help a fallen opponent in a similar fashion if the opportunity ever arose. So many people don’t have the common decency to look out for their fellow human beings, to be a kind person no matter what it does to your stats or position or anything else. Being the best person you can be should be all that matters.

Which brings me to my next story, this time coming from high school basketball: Link to ESPN’s article

Missing those two free-throws, normally something that would cause the entire team to run lines or stay an extra hour after next practice to “redeem” themselves then becomes a symbol of human kindness, decency, compassion, and understanding. Who cares if you lose the game, which both helping teams did? Who cares if you miss your chance at a title for being a good person?

If only more people could show the heart to help out a person in need, whether it’s in a sporting event or while walking down the street, this world would be a much better place.

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