BOLS Competition


Earlier today, I finished the above Imperial Guard Command Squad for the Bell of Lost Souls Painting Competition to win a Valkyrie model. This was my first IG unit, and in fact the first unit that had a relatively large amount of exposed skin, faces, and cloth. My current army, the Tau, has no visible skin whatsoever and is largely composed of tanks and armored battlesuits. My army before that, the Space Marines, were completely enclosed by armor.

Anyway, I feel pretty proud of this squad, even though I would be a long-shot to win. This was my first squad that I completely based, and based well, which was great. I also did some minor highlighting, which I think helps gives it an even greater 3-Dimensionality. The photograph is also way better than some of my previous attempts, which is always nice. I also wrote up some good fluff (background) for the Captain (center, above) and the company as a whole.

All in all, this was a nice start to my summer hobby season. I’ll be buying some more models soon, but probably for my Tau army, plus finishing up the two Valkyries I currently own and the last couple of models for my Tau army. Should be a good summer…


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