Mental Rant

Well, I have some ranting to do. I like ranting, as it helps me get my thoughts out of my head, which in turn allows me some level of relaxation before I start thinking about other things that may cause another rant (sort of like earthquakes and aftershocks). It also helps to vent off some anger, frustration, or any other feelings I may have that I don’t necessarily need right now and don’t want to have in my system.

First, work. Currently I will not be a counselor at MST (a two-week camp for smart middle school kids) as they have only fifty-two students signed up. The way the camp is designed, each counselor keeps track of ten or more kids. Based on this, there needs to be sixty kids signed up for me to be called, as I am second in line to get the job. What I don’t know is that if there are fifty-nine, or even fifty-eight kids, will they call me and my corresponding female counselor to show up? I mean, that’s only one or two below what they want, and having four counselors look after basically sixty kids is probably not what they want. Or they can follow the other option, which I thin is what they will do, where they will only call me and my counterpart if they reach or exceed sixty.

Now, normally I wouldn’t care if I got the job or not, since I’m pretty laid back when it comes to employment and I already have a job. I just really want to go to camp, be back on MSU’s campus for a while, and get away from my house and current job.

Right now, Mathnasium is starting to resemble a negatively-sloped line. I’ve gained more responsibilities at my job, including having a key to the building, but I have not gotten a pay raise (unless my next paycheck has that raise). I’ve been cleaning the entire center every day, I did some private tutoring stuff last week, and I handled a few students’ initial check-ups that everyone needs to take before being officially enrolled. But I still make $9/10 per hour, minus taxes, which is less than my little brother will be making at his landscaping job.

I told him that if his employer needed more help that he should recommend me, but I can’t rely on that. He probably wouldn’t even mention it, since it would be pretty weird to have two brothers on the same crew, especially since it would just be us.

I am just sick of my current job, and I wish that I had gotten the internship in Germany or somewhere at State so that I could be doing something I like and be paid more, since I’ll be needing a lot of money come August/September, and even this summer when I’m tasked with buying furniture.

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