July 20, 1969

Normally I wouldn’t post twice within hours of each other, but this is different. I just watched some YouTube videos about the Apollo 11 landing, and just reading the comments got me so angry that I decided to rant a little bit here.

Here are two of the better clips:

Apollo 11 Landing : Apollo 11 EVA

Just reading the comments makes me want to punch every conspiracy “theorist” in the head, kind of like what Buzz Aldrin did that one time (Check here). I mean, how can you be so dense to say that the greatest accomplishment the human race has ever had was fake, to say that thousands of people’s life work was to film a movie, to basically say that the entirety of the space program is a complete hoax?

Why even have the Mercury missions then, which were used as a precursor to Apollo so that NASA could learn how to actually get to the Moon and operate for extended periods? Why have Mercury to start the space program if we were just going to fake it anyway? Why continue the space program if it doesn’t matter?

I want to be an astronaut for the chance to explore and learn, to go where very few have gone before, to be a kid for my job, to live my dreams. I’ve added another reason to that list recently: to show every idiot on this planet who they really are.

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