Lately I have been trying to do a ton of productive things, like my continued revising on my novel, some painting, friendship building, and guitar, among many other things. I just always seem to get distracted by little things, or I just don’t think things through and it backfires or doesn’t go according to plan (see HERE for dramatization).

Take yesterday, for instance. I closed myself in my dad’s home office, which we only use to wrap Christmas presents or talk on the phone, to revise my novel. I got through six pages, which is a lot based on how much revising I actually do, as shown below, but then I decided to take a two-hour nap. And today, when I should be doing more revising, I decided to take a personality test to figure out if I actually am crazy and to make sure I was still being myself in a certain situation that you probably are already aware of (I’m an O84-C74-E37-A93-N60, if that makes any sense to you).

But really, my biggest distraction has been my own mind. I think and analyze and postulate and theorize much more than I should about things I have no control over. Not a good way to live, my friends. But what can I do, turn off my brain? If only summer were that easy…



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