A few days ago, I printed off the 80-some computer pages of my novel, which roughly corresponds to 130 book pages. While only about a third through the story (or less), I wanted to re-read everything, take some notes on character development, do some revising, and basically clean up what I have so that the next section can start fresh.

I’ve only gone through 30 of the pages so far, and I’ve been covering them with red marker pen. While this may seem bad in your eyes, I love it since it lets me revisit the old story and make it better. It’s always good to make things better, right?

Anyway, it will probably be a few more days before I finish it. I still have a lot more to do, plus most of those first pages had some revising work done on them by me a few months ago. I won’t be started the next big segment until after I finish this work.

Speaking of work, I start my job on Monday. I don’t mind, as it will give me money to save for next year, plus provide a little bit of a distraction from my life. I’ve had a lot of stuff going through my brain recently, not all of it good.


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