Summer Vacation

With the last final completed, the dorm room emptied and locked, and the relatively long drive from East Lansing complete, I am officially half-way through my undergraduate career. Pretty weird when it feels like just yesterday I was explaining to a fellow student at orientation that the street is called M-A-C, not Mac.

What have I learned? Honors credits should be taken at every opportunity, since struggling to fit them in your schedule in addition to difficult classes is not fun. I still have at least four more to go, with only one of those assured. Not the best situation to be in, not by a long shot.

Not worrying about food is great, and it will be missed. I’m moving into an apartment in the fall, which means I’ll be cooking and grocery shopping and everything else that entails. No more can I just walk to the cafeteria if I’m hungry; I’ll need to prepare and cook the meals when I want to eat, plus wash the dishes after.

Don’t rely on other people for grades. Even if you are part of a group, do whatever you can to ensure that you get a good grade. Look over their stuff, reduce their responsibilities if they can’t be relied upon, or kick them out of the group. You shouldn’t have to suffer for being too nice.

Finally, no amount of studying and stress can replace the memories that you make. Sure, you may 4-point all of your exams, but if you lose friends or miss the opportunity to make new ones, you’re losing a lot more. Plus, you can always just stay up late to finish the work you couldn’t earlier, right?


One response to “Summer Vacation

  1. Wow, great lessons all. Having just finished my undergrad career, I have to say that you’ve hit ’em all on the head.

    Keep up the good work, mate.