I have four finals: Linear Algebra, Biology II, Classical Mechanics I, and Planets and Telescopes, in that order. It shouldn’t be that bad, but the front of that line-up will be tough.

Linear Algebra: I dropped by last test, which I did not study a single iota for, so I’ll be coming at this one from behind. I’ve started reviewing the basics again just to refresh my memory, but then I move on to linear transformations, orthonormal subspaces, and eigenvalues. Good thing I have until Wednesday for this one.

Biology II: Basically the bane of my second semester, I am not as worried about this final. I’m pretty much going to get a 3.5 in the course, and that may be bumped to a 4.0 based on the Dr. Luckie “Sorry for having you work for me for a grade” curve. I’m reviewing major topics and refreshing my memory, and that’s it.

Classical Mechanics: Another sure-thing 3.5 if I go over basics. I would like to bump this to a 4.0, since I am a Physics major, but the semester homework assignments potentially screwed me out of that one. The final is worth a lot of the final grade, so it may go up to a 4.0 even with the sub-par homework.

Planets and Telescopes: I have a 4.0 in the class, got extra credit for completing some assignments on time, and Horace likes me. I can’t really express how little I’m worried about this one. Definitely a good “wind down” final for my Friday morning.

Well, don’t expect any more posts from me until after this fourth finals season is over. I’ll be studying and grading exams for the next week. Wish me luck!

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