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Taking a step back…

I thought about a lot of things today, most of which don’t really matter in the long run. I thought about some new models I was going to buy, how I was going to handle revising the rest of my novel, playing sixteenths on the guitar, and a lot of other things. Basically, from the moment I got out of bed around 1300, I was thinking about the future.

The future can be a scary place, especially if you believe that the Terminator series will come true (just watched Salvation tonight), but that wasn’t what I was thinking about. A lot of it was about me personally and what I wanted my future to be.

I looked up the process for becoming an astronaut. You apply either when they open up applications, which occurs whenever they need it, or you apply and wait. I wasn’t exactly sure which track is followed, since I can’t really even try to go through that process now. Then, if you are accepted, you go through two years of training before you are even considered to fly a mission. Even after those two years, if you aren’t selected to be an astronaut, you still have to work for NASA for at least five more years since they have you on contract.

There are just so many questions beyond those big ones that I still need to sort out, but I’d like to be able to sort those two out as soon as I can. The astronaut one won’t happen for another six-eight years, at minimum (I need to go through grad school), however…

I feel better when things have an answer, and even more so when I find out that answer. Maybe that’s why I like Math and Physics so much…

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July 20, 1969

Normally I wouldn’t post twice within hours of each other, but this is different. I just watched some YouTube videos about the Apollo 11 landing, and just reading the comments got me so angry that I decided to rant a little bit here.

Here are two of the better clips:

Apollo 11 Landing : Apollo 11 EVA

Just reading the comments makes me want to punch every conspiracy “theorist” in the head, kind of like what Buzz Aldrin did that one time (Check here). I mean, how can you be so dense to say that the greatest accomplishment the human race has ever had was fake, to say that thousands of people’s life work was to film a movie, to basically say that the entirety of the space program is a complete hoax?

Why even have the Mercury missions then, which were used as a precursor to Apollo so that NASA could learn how to actually get to the Moon and operate for extended periods? Why have Mercury to start the space program if we were just going to fake it anyway? Why continue the space program if it doesn’t matter?

I want to be an astronaut for the chance to explore and learn, to go where very few have gone before, to be a kid for my job, to live my dreams. I’ve added another reason to that list recently: to show every idiot on this planet who they really are.


Lately I have been trying to do a ton of productive things, like my continued revising on my novel, some painting, friendship building, and guitar, among many other things. I just always seem to get distracted by little things, or I just don’t think things through and it backfires or doesn’t go according to plan (see HERE for dramatization).

Take yesterday, for instance. I closed myself in my dad’s home office, which we only use to wrap Christmas presents or talk on the phone, to revise my novel. I got through six pages, which is a lot based on how much revising I actually do, as shown below, but then I decided to take a two-hour nap. And today, when I should be doing more revising, I decided to take a personality test to figure out if I actually am crazy and to make sure I was still being myself in a certain situation that you probably are already aware of (I’m an O84-C74-E37-A93-N60, if that makes any sense to you).

But really, my biggest distraction has been my own mind. I think and analyze and postulate and theorize much more than I should about things I have no control over. Not a good way to live, my friends. But what can I do, turn off my brain? If only summer were that easy…