Technological Adaptations

This weekend, while hanging out with some friends, pointing out the location of Saturn to some drunk buddies, and taking naps that are one-third of a normal night’s sleep, I worked on Biology. This must be a huge surprise to everyone, but I decided to just work on it and get as much done as I could. I’m revising the paper in preparation for the final draft, due in roughly a week and a half, creating the website for our research, and starting the Powerpoint for the presentation this Thursday.

Of course, all of this is done on my computer, so of course I get distracted. I created my own personal online resume, which was actually pretty fun. I just like tinkering with HTML codes and actually being able to view something that I’ve made on a wide scale. Kind of like this and some of my other online stuff. I also edited my paper resume to include the URL, just in case potential employers want a closer look at who exactly I am.

But that was a huge distraction from Biology, but I’m fine with it. I only need to suffer through two more weeks of it, then I’ll never have to take it again. I was even thinking that I was going to drop my second HPS course next semester and replace it with a math course, but thinking more about it I probably won’t have room. I’ll probably still drop it, since seventeen credits and a lab is a TON of work.

I’ll see… I’m just looking forward to relaxing this summer, not worrying about classes, having fun, all that stuff.

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