Physics Major

Today, I slept in until noon, and even then I didn’t want to get up. But get up I did so that I could shower and head over to the Union. I had to meet with a high school senior who got admitted to the Honors College and is planning on being a Physics major, and she and her dad wanted to talk to me about my experience as a Physics major.

It was actually kind of awkward. The dad asked me for some background, so basically I just told him about how I got into Physics and what I’ve done in relation to it. I think I talked for about five or ten minutes, then I ask, “is there anything else you want to know?” The dad says (even though I directed the question to the daughter), “well, how stressed are you during the week?” Very weird question, so I described this past week and everything I had to do, but since I didn’t want it to seem like it was all work (which it never really could be), I talked about how I could still find free time to just relax, especially on the weekends.

And that was basically it. The dad says how he thinks that he has a good idea of what’s going on, the daughter says nothing, so then I get back on my friend’s bike and ride back to Holmes. I don’t know; I guess I find it extremely weird that the daughter did not ask a single question, so I did give her my e-mail address if she had any questions. Hopefully she actually asks me some questions, but even then it might be her dad standing behind her as she composes the message.

It’s just weird. In other news, I am a mere few hours from the weekend, as my Physics class was cancelled and my Astrophysics exam tomorrow is in the morning. Hooray for Friday!

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