Hell Week

This week was pretty rough on me already, and I only just started Tuesday. I had a Physics lab report due Monday, which I worked on and finished for a few hours on Easter. I have a Biology take-home due in twenty minutes, which I worked all weekend and then some on, only just finishing it last night. I have a Linear Algebra problem set that covers two weeks of class that is due tomorrow.

I also have a Physics exam and Biology exam tomorrow, and an Astrophysics exam on Friday. I will also probably have another Linear Algebra exam next week, or maybe the week after if I’m lucky. To top it all off, once this week is over I’m entering intense finals mode. Yes, the same mode I was in where my friends would bring cookies or something down from the caf to the study lounge and where I would sit in the same spot for around nine or ten hours straight. That intense.

The only problems with that are that I still haven’t looked up my final schedule, so I have no idea which final is when, and I still have homework and a huge Biology research project to worry about. Honestly, I want to finish this Biology stuff soon, very soon, so then I never have to worry about the W1282X mutation of the CFTR gene.

Plus, I’ll need to schedule in free time for both myself and my SSO.

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