End Times

Tonight, in lieu of doing anything else, I will be watching Michigan State try to win the 2009 NCAA Championship against North Carolina. I’ve been thinking about this game since we won on Saturday, and I am so glad that I’ll be able to watch it (my lab tonight ends at 9:00 PM). I don’t even know what’s going to happen tonight, especially if we win. This should be a fun week.

In other news, my fourth set of finals are in four weeks exactly, meaning that I need to start studying soon. I’m going to be breaking for the first half of this week to play Left 4 Dead and get caught up on homework, and then it’s finals. Lot of work, but I think this may be the semester to get a 4.0 (or very close, since I got fucked by Physics lab last semester). I already know that my life will almost be non-existent, and have warned some of my friends, so there should be no worries. This weekend with everyone gone will definitely help.

I also got an 80% on the Linear Algebra exam that I thought I had failed. Good omen for both me and my Spartans?

EDIT: I earned a 3.667 GPA this past semester. So close!


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