Final Four, Final Two, and Final One

For those living in Michigan, I don’t really need to explain the first part of that title. Our MSU Spartan Men’s Basketball team is in the Final Four in the 2009 NCAA tourney, advancing past the top seed overall Louisville on Sunday. It was quite the game, and one that I won’t forget anytime soon.

The second part involves… wait for it… Biology. Team BOLT, now down to two members, is banging on all cylinders and working better than ever. We’ve gotten more work done in this past week than maybe the entire semester, which is amazing. I am very glad that I am still with a good partner and the excess was trimmed before things got too serious. This lab tomorrow will be strange, since our ex-partner apparently is still in the class…

And the Final One: I am playing a talent show in Briggs tomorrow, and I am the last act. Ridiculous, right? I don’t know how they picked it, but I am the last act of twelve. I’ll be playing two songs (Kaye by Jupiter Sunrise and Tonight by Ace Troubleshooter, probably in that order) and singing them. Kind of crazy, and I’ve been cramming in song lessons with my roommate all week to try to get ready.

Wish me luck!


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