The Last Two Months

With Spring Break firmly in the past and the endorphins from the six overtime Syracuse/UConn game finally going away, I find myself with just two short months until my summer vacation. Where exactly do I stand with everything, from school to work to life?

School: I am no longer worried about Biology, having just got my grades back from my last exam. I think that having a 95.9% or whatever it was overall will be a great cushion or staging ground to end that class with a 3.5 or hopefully a 4.0. Linear Algebra is not bad at all, especially since I can drop three homework assignments and an exam. Honestly, once I have ten homework assignments in the bag that are good scores, I’m not going to do any more. Why bother? Actually, I’ll probably do all of the homewokrs and take all three exams (only two left), just because that’s who I am. Physics lab is ridiculous, but I finally got a good grade on my lab report! Astronomy/Astrophysics will be fine as long as I get all of my observing stuff done, which might be a little tough without a car. Physics is going fine, it’s just the exams and homework are ridiculous, but I heard that there’s a big curve at the end. I have my next exam for that on friday, which I should be fine for.

Work: I haven’t heard back from my summer internship prospect yet. I checked my personal information, and the letter is being sent to my home address instead of my dorm. This worries me only because it might have already arrived and gotten thrown out or lost. I e-mailed the agency about this, and to quell my own insecurities about it. If I don’t get it this summer, I’m just going to apply next year, plus I have my Mathnasium fall back. For ATT, we’re working on revising all of our articles (and scratch-write some new ones), so I’ve been heavily involved in that. As for next year, I haven’t gotten my letters yet, but I know that I have the math job.

Life: I’m doing fine. I like all of my friends, and I try to hang out with them, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. What can you do, fail school? NO! It’s fine, since I try to see them every once in a while, even if it’s only for a short amount of time. 40k stuff is going good… maybe? I left my army at home so that I will just work on the hobby side (plus ATT). I started working on a special project between another moderator and I, which will be a lot of fun. Past that, just finishing my army then starting a new army (a showcase one… tricky!).

Not that bad, right? Things are going good, if I do say so myself.


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