Spring Break 2009

Since basically yesterday, I’ve been on Spring Break. While yes, I do still have a Biology lab and three more classes on Friday, I only have to attend them. I have no exams, no homework, no quizzes, nothing to worry about. Today I played Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty, mostly because I have almost nothing else to do.

Of course, over Spring Break I’ll be doing work. I have an exam (or two… I’m not sure) the week I get back, I have some homework I need to do, I need to do some more research for Biology, and probably some more things I’m not remembering right now. I guess it is a good thing that I’m not going anywhere over break.

I do know that I’ll get stir-crazy, so I’ve already planned some stuff to do while I’m home. While none of it is guaranteed, aside from playing a ton of guitar all day and eating a lot of food, I should be able to distract myself enough to not drive myself crazy before school.

I may even work on my novel some more! Today I wrote another six-ten pages, bringing the total up to 123-ish.


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